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Patient Story: From Heart Attack to Inspiring Comeback

patient Rob Davis holds hands with wife

October 1 started as a normal day for Rob and Lisa Davis.

They visited the library, went to see the doctor, then returned home in time for lunch. Lisa was in the kitchen cleaning up when she noticed her husband had stopped responding to their conversation. She immediately knew something was wrong — and there was. Rob had suffered cardiac arrest and was unresponsive.

By the time they arrived at Stormont Vail Hospital, he had been without a pulse for over 20 minutes. The experts at the Cotton O’Neil Heart Center worked to take Rob from the ER to hypothermic therapy to defibrillator implantation. He spent a week in intensive care that challenged both Rob and his care team, but in the end, he persevered.

He now continues his care through cardiac rehab at Cotton O’Neil, and credits his faith and the experts at Stormont Vail Health for his incredible recovery.

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