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Strength in Numbers: The Benefits of a Weight Loss Program

How long has it been since you used the buddy system?

The “buddy system” — a long-time elementary school tradition — is where you keep tabs on one another during field trips to prevent anyone from getting lost and ending up alone. This system works because you know someone is making sure you don’t stray too far — and if you do, they’re right there to help guide you back.

Weight loss can work the same way. If you have a buddy — or many buddies — it’s easier to stay on track. You’ll be committed to your weight loss goals alongside other people, and you can hold each other accountable in order to avoid straying too far from your goals.

Studies have shown that weight loss programs that involve social support can lead to more than three times the amount of weight loss compared to the self-help approach. They can also help you keep the weight off longer.

Why This Is so Important

It’s a great feeling when that pair of jeans you used to hold your breath to get into is struggling to stay up. But weight loss isn’t just about looking fit — it’s about being healthy. By losing weight, you can also improve your:

  • Energy levels
  • Ability to move around
  • Overall mood
  • Ability to sleep
  • Bone and muscle strength
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol, which can lower your risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes

At the Cotton O’Neil Weight Management Center, you aren’t alone in your weight loss journey. You’ll have access to the tools, resources, and support you need to reach your goal — all in one place.

In order to qualify for our weight loss program, you must have a body mass index (BMI) — a measurement of your body fat — of over 30. You can also participate if you have a BMI over 27 and also have related conditions, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Here are 3 benefits of joining Stormont Vail’s weight loss program.

1. You Have Access to Help from the Experts

If you want to repair your car, you’d go to your mechanic. If you want to lose weight, you should consult the experts who have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you succeed.

At the Weight Management Center, you’ll have access to experts in diet and nutrition, exercise, bariatric surgery (a medical procedure to lose weight), and weight loss medication.

Your team may include:

  • Diet and nutrition experts, who will educate you about strategies to help lose weight, such as diets, calorie-intake, and macronutrients (a ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fats).
  • Exercise experts, who will help you understand how to get the most out of your workouts.
  • Weight management providers, to help monitor your progress and manage your weight loss medication if you choose to start one.
  • Bariatric surgery experts, including surgeons, bariatric nurse practitioners, dieticians, and behavioral health specialists, if you decide to have bariatric surgery.

Your weight loss plan will be customized to your needs. If certain recommendations or restrictions aren’t sitting well with you, your plan can be tweaked. The goal of the program is to expose you to a healthy lifestyle that will last, so you can keep those habits going long after you’ve completed the program.

2. You Have Built-in Support on Your Weight-loss Journey

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with your weight loss journey, a social support system can motivate you and get you back on track.

If you hit a roadblock, chances are that another patient in your group has gone through something similar. By sharing how they worked through it and what worked for them, they can encourage you to keep moving and push past the challenges.

You’ll also connect with others who are hitting weight loss milestones every day. When you hear a success story, it can be a reminder that the same successes are possible for you.

Others in your group can share tips on how they were able to reach their goals, as well. Someone might have found a trackable water bottle that can help increase water intake or the perfect restaurant that has low-carb — but still delicious — options on the menu.

At the Weight Management Center, you can take advantage of group classes, which focus on monthly topics, such as emotional eating, getting enough fiber, and avoiding the urge to overeat. These are called shared medical appointments, and you’ll be able to share challenges and successes with one another.

3. You’ll Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

There are many weight loss programs out there, such as diet plans, exercise videos, or weight loss books. With all of that information, it can be difficult to know what’s effective and healthy — and what can leave you unhealthy or injured.

Certain diets and exercise regimens can make you lose weight but also cause a whole host of other problems. A diet that makes you lose weight too quickly can lead to gallstones (pieces of cholesterol and other materials that end up in your gallbladder).

An exercise program that’s too advanced can put you at risk for injuries — there are an average of 8.6 million sports and exercise-related injuries in the US each year.

Weight loss programs provide you with the right information about nutrition and exercise so that you can safely lose weight and avoid these types of problems. They’ll also be able to monitor your weight loss along the way to make sure that your whole body is staying healthy and safe.

Strength in Numbers

Starting — and sticking with — a weight loss program can be challenging. But when you work with medical experts and other patients at the Weight Management Center, you’re on a team — and it’s much easier to win when you have an entire team cheering you on.

Got questions about weight loss? Call (785) 270-4440 to schedule an appointment with your Stormont Vail primary care provider to discuss your weight loss goals or call (785) 354-9591 ext. 21611 to set up an appointment at the Cotton O’Neil Weight Management Center.

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