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We’re All in this Together

Oooh, all the negative press and attempts to make yesterday look like a nasty assault against employees instead of the preservation of jobs strategy it really was has me heated. I believe I speak for MANY employees of this organization when I say that, if asked, I would not have hesitated for a second to give up a portion of my salary to save the job of someone else.

Lots of really tough decisions have been made, and they’ve been fair and equitable, and I think most of us are proud to know we’re taking care of our healthcare family.

My husband and I both work here (he’s newer, in security). I took a paycut, he didn’t. Absolutely fair, given the differences in our jobs. What people don’t understand, is that we are a family who, through this pandemic, have been split into 2 camps: Those whose health is at risk, but finances are secure, and those whose finances are at risk, but whose health is more secure. Neither one is fun. But the thing we do know is we’re all in it together. And anyone who doesn’t understand why it had to be that way, I would like them to look into the faces of our employees and make the decision about who gets laid off, or loses their job altogether because someone didn’t want to give their 10%

ALSO, the fact that leadership took the highest cuts, speaks to the integrity of this organization. So while the media may be trying to stir things up, I’ve never been prouder of this organization.

Y’all made some HARD decisions. And on behalf of the Columbus family, we appreciate you all for doing the right thing, and bringing as many people along for as long as we can. <3

As Dr K says, We Together

Barb Columbus, Administration

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