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Feeling Blessed

As a therapist on the Behavioral Health Intervention Team at the main hospital, I regularly treat individuals struggling with depression and anxiety.  As the COVID-19 pandemic hit our community I found myself struggling with my own anxieties and feelings of isolation and separation from close family members due to “social distancing.”  As I have made adjustments and balanced the stress, I have begun to think about my many blessings.  I feel blessed to come to work each day to support my community during this crisis, to work alongside the many courageous nurses and physicians and for the opportunity to provide some calmness and support to individuals affected by the virus.  I will keep showing up every day because as COVID-19 evolves throughout our community, it will be critical to address mental health and you will find me right here ready to serve! For any of my coworkers struggling with anxiety remember to be proactive, take short breathes throughout the day, connect with others and practice accepting your emotions.  Eventually, this will pass and soon your anxiety will begin to diminish.  Thank you leadership and coworkers for setting aside your own worries and fears every day to make sure the needs of our community are met!

Marcy L. Scott, LSCSW

1 thought on “Feeling Blessed

  1. As a community we are blessed too because there are so many health care workers like yourself that are doing everything possible so we can get back to some sort of normal in the near future.

    Thank you and take care my beautiful daughter.

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