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Together We Are Family

Approximately 25 years, 9,125 days, 219,000 hours, 13,140,000 minutes, 788,400,000 seconds combined dedication to the medical field between the three of us. Truthfully, as healthcare providers, we never stop and separate home from work. We are on the constant road to finding ways of making our next shift easier for ourselves individually, increase the quality of care for our patients, and find ways to work better as a team. Whether running on 3 hours of sleep or 8 hours of sleep, we strive to perform the highest quality of care to all patients no matter what the cost.  Let’s be honest though, in the medical field it is no secret of what we experience on a daily. Perhaps the greatest reminder of this that our iPhone watches congratulate us of the fact that we have reached our 10,000 step goal for the 30th time in one shift or that we have been in tachycardia for the last 4 hours or the fact that our water intake reminder continues to tell us of the potential dehydration we might experience after 3 shifts in a row. This is the truth for healthcare providers across the nation and more recently as challenges unfold. The truth is that despite all this and the fact that our Degree 24-hour protection deodorant is failing miserably, our dedication grows even stronger. Stormont Vail continues to remind us of our value as bedside staff by ensuring staff is protected and prepared for any situation. In all reality, all departments and all team members of the hospital are part of the bedside as it takes each one of us to keep the hospital operating and deliver the best care possible. “My 6 North family makes me feel confident in what I give to the team and what I can offer my patients. I create a special bond with many patients and their families. I feel grateful to be able to care for patients through the end of life. It is challenging at times but yet extremely rewarding. It truly takes a strong person to be able to do the work that we do being on an Oncology/Palliative unit. I am thankful to be a part of the Stormont family.” — Sarah Llamas, PCT.

Our community is currently facing something that is changing our lives in the tiniest ways. It is requiring us to stop and think about every decision we make 24 hours a day for both ourselves and our families. This is a time in which we have to come together and remember why we chose the path that we did. Stormont Vail continues to strive to give our community only the best and as a team, it is reflected by dedication through the smallest of moments. Being apart of the 6 North team has been so rewarding. It can be said we are in a profession that never sleeps. No matter what, our doors are always open. It is evident there is so much compassion in every step we take. Those steps and those small moments are what bring us together as a team. Even that smile and hello from a complete stranger down the hall can make the greatest difference in someone’s day. That extra minute even if you have endless tasks to complete on your worklist to stop and help a patient find what they are looking for is what this is all about. “I believe in providing optimal patient care and treating everyone with kindness and respect.” —- Melanie Miller, RN.

The continued commitment to being a part of Stormont Vail Hospital comes from the simple moment of receiving the phone call from a worried family member at 2 am and hearing how thankful they’re for that quick update of the health status of their loved one or being out and about in our community hearing someone say they prefer Stormont Vail for their care. “Seeing first hand what we are all experiencing is scary. The unknown is worrisome. I know that our team will have my back and be there to pick me up if I falling. They will be there to get me through that busy shift and recognize when I need help even if I say I am good. I always say that we should never forget where we came from. We’re a team. I am grateful for being able to still come to work. I am grateful to have developed the bonds I have with our staff. It warms my heart to know how much I am supported.” — Samm Glenn, RN.

All three of us are so thankful for every Stormont Vail department. They all play a huge part in the operation of the hospital and clinics. As our community continues to suffer from this terrible pandemic, we will all continue to wear these masks to protect ourselves, our families and our patients.  We are confident that the Stormont Vail family will stick together and will triumph over any obstacle that comes our way.

The 6 North team,

Sarah Llamas, PCT
Melanie Miller, RN
Samm Glenn, RN

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