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I was Scared

Why did I start working at Stormont Vail Health? I started working at Stormont after I had a life-changing experience. In 2016 I had a child and after his 2-month shots he went unconscious and got very sick. We started at another hospital and they could not provide the care he needed so we came to Stormont Vail Health. The nurses and doctors saved my baby and helped us learn he has an immune deficiency. From the time, I really thought about my career. I knew I wanted to do something with business, so I enrolled in college for Human Resource Management. I started at Stormont, as a registrar then became a department assistant for some of the best nurses I know. I want to support the amazing people who help save lives like my son. I am graduating with my first degree in HR and when I am officially done with college, I am hopeful one day to join the HR team here at Stormont to continue supporting a group of amazing nurses and doctors.

When I found out about the virus, my heart raced. I just had a newborn, I was still on maternity leave when it all started, my son is immune-compromised and I was just scared. It took one day back to remember why I started at Stormont Vail Health. I love the group of people I work with; starting from the people I worked with downstairs at express care as a registrar, the amazing people I worked with outside doing an acute respiratory clinic and the amazing people I work with upstairs rearranging their lives as a department assistant. This has affected all of us, but not once have I felt alone during it. I have so much support and I am not even patient-facing; it means so much. I am happy I work with such an amazing group of people at Stormont and I know we will all get through this.

Cayla Main
Department Assistant
North Fielding – Family Practice

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