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Be kind, have confidence, be patient and remember to smile

My name is Blake Edwards and I work in CV Ultrasound. I wanted to share with you my story as a recent patient and my return to my face to face essential job responsibilities during the pandemic.

I had my appendix removed urgently on March 13th. It had ruptured and my bowel was leaking so I did require an overnight stay on 6 South to receive IV anti-biotics. I was discharged days before the virus began its outbreak in the United States. I did have a few complications with my surgery but did eventually make a full recovery. It was so hard to sit at home, watching day by day how the World was changing, and knowing that my colleagues were having to go into work each day and adapt to the changes. I felt helpless and wanted to help but there wasn’t much I could do from home recovering. But I do want to say that I work with an incredible group of individuals, they truly are all amazing and have adapted to the changes and thrived during these times. So days before returning to work I began developing my own fears and anxieties. I have been a germaphobe since I was in fourth grade so you can imagine how a global pandemic has influenced my obsessive tendencies and compulsions. However, after being back for two weeks the adjustment hasn’t been nearly as terrifying as I thought it was going to be. I feel that the organization has provided me with the proper protection that I need and a safe protocol to follow to perform my job duties as a sonographer.

I wanted to share with you a couple of my observations as a patient during my appendicitis.

Have confidence in your abilities. So much training goes into what we do as health care professionals across the board, be passionate about being the best provider you can and confidence will follow. I instantly could detect confidence when someone walked into my room during my experience, it literally instantly could provide either relief or anxiety depending on the perception.

Be kind, and treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. A simple smile can influence our patients in tenacious ways. We are all going through different walks of life and sometimes we forget that, so remember to smile and there will always be light in this world even when things seem so dark.

I also feel it’s now appropriate to amend these initial observations about providing health care and add another after going back to work during the pandemic.

Have patience, Rome was not built in a day and neither were the Great Pyramids. I know having patience sometimes is hard under normal circumstances and most definitely harder during a Pandemic. The sun will rise and the sun will set, tomorrow will be another day so start each day like things will get better. This too shall pass and I really think that after all this we as health care providers will come out stronger and better than ever. We know how resilient humans can be and what humans truly are capable of. So have hope and believe in a better tomorrow take one day at a time.

To conclude my friends I wish you good health and good spirits. Be kind, have confidence, be patient and remember to smile “even though we are now smiling under layers of PPE ” but as Tyra Banks says “Smile with your Eyes ;”

Warmest Regards,


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