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Get Out…But Stay Safe!

We’ve all heard the message by now – “Stay home, save lives!” But staying at home doesn’t mean lock the doors, close the blinds and sit in darkness waiting for COVID-19 to blow over, only to emerge bearded, pale and on the verge of losing your sanity.

As spring weather continues to warm, people are desperate to get outside. Here are some dos and don’ts about appropriate outdoor activities you can participate in during the coronavirus outbreak.

Do: Go for walks, runs, hikes and bike rides.

Staying active is a great way to alleviate stress and boost optimism. Walks, runs, hikes and bike rides are all activities you can do by yourself, with your kids or in a small group.

Don’t: Play group sports such as basketball, flag football, softball, etc.

Basketball, flag football, softball and other group activities not only exceeds the limited number of people allowed in one gathering, it also spreads germs. When one person touches a ball and passes it to another, they have transmitted germs.

Golf is also highly discouraged during this time. Even though golf is an individual activity with plenty of distance between participants, there is still a high possibility of spreading COVID-19 through surfaces like golf carts, golf balls and golf clubs.

Do: Play with your kids in your front or back yard.

Children and adolescents should do 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. During this time, activities should range from moderate to vigorous intensity. Try to find activities that not only entertain, but also challenge your child to use problem solving and creativity. Visit Pinterest for creative outdoor activities for children of all ages.

Don’t: Go to parks or playgrounds.

While parks are still currently opened (many with limited visitors allowed), it is highly recommended to stay away. It’s nearly impossible to sanitize all areas of playsets – swings, slides, monkey bars, etc. In addition, it may be difficult to practice social distancing the more people and kids that are present.

Do: Set up at-home water activities for kids on hot days.

As we move closer to summer and the temperature continues to rise, at-home water activities are a fun way for kids to stay cool. Inflatable or plastic kid-size pools, sprinklers and water balloons can keep kids safe and entertained for hours. Just don’t forget to apply ample amounts of sunscreen!

Don’t: Visit pools, lakes or beaches.

While there is no current evidence that COVID-19 can spread through pools, hot tubs, spas or water playgrounds, much like parks, it’s difficult to practice social distancing in these highly populated areas.

Do: Gardening or landscaping.

Gardening and landscaping is an activity you can do by yourself or in a small group. It not only improves your house’s curb appeal, it can also boost your mental health. In addition, sunlight is our best source of vitamin D. Again, be sure to wear sunscreen!

Don’t: Invite friends and family over for barbeques.

After all that gardening and landscaping, it may be tempting to invite friends and family over to admire you hard work. However, social distancing only works if you limit guests. You can help flatten the curve by avoiding social gatherings.

Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. By following these do’s and don’ts you can ensure you, your family and your friends stay safe during these unprecedented times. #WeTogether can flatten the curve, slow the spread and keep each other healthy.

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