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Kudos to Our Team!

Stormont Vail Health’s battle cry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been “We Together.” You see, it takes all of us working together to improve, empower and achieve better health for our patients, our staff and our community.

As we celebrate Health Care Week (May 10-16), we are putting extra emphasis on “We.” We’ll be celebrating our team and the great work each of them do. From serving on the front line to going above and beyond to assist wherever they are needed, Stormont Vail is proud of our family. To help our team members receive the recognition they’ve earned and deserve, we recently started a kudoboard and asked the community to leave inspirational messages. We’d like to take a moment to share a few.

“Each and everyone of you are the best, most kind, unselfish, and giving angelic workers there are. We know you are tired and stressed and we just want to say, job well done, and a big thanks to all of you. We will probably not ever see you, but we know you are there and we honor you. We are comforted to know you are there if we need you.”

“Thank you for all that you do! You are some pretty special people and you do make an impact. Thank you again for your sacrifice.”

“I am very grateful and fortunate to not only be a patient at Stormont Vail but to also be employed by them. I am genuinely humbled every single day by the hard work, generosity, compassion and empathy our staff have for the community and their co-workers. Especially in a time of uncertainty, challenge and difficulty, you have all risen to the occasion and excelled. Always remember, even when times get tough, why you decided to work at Stormont Vail. It was because you wanted to make a difference in someone else’s lives. Thank you so much for everything. You truly do make a difference”

“Thank you to all our Registrars and Pre-Registrar staff who either work directly across from patients or visit with them on the phones.  You are VERY important to our organization and you do a wonderful job”

“Thank You to everyone behind the scenes, Logistic Techs, Pharmasists, Housekeeping, Linen, Food Services and Maintenance. The nurses and doctors are on the frontlines but the people in the background are important too.”

It’s difficult to put into words how truly heartwarming these messages are. Our team works so hard and we are proud of each and everyone of them. You can leave a positive word of encouragement too by visiting the Stormont Vail Health kudoboard.

Happy National Health Care WEek from all of us!


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