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Care for Our Tiniest Patients

It’s not just a job for the compassionate men and women working in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Every morning or evening, they put on their scrubs, secure their name badges proudly on their chests and clock-in for what is sure to be the most important shift of someone’s life.

Life is challenging enough for newborns and new parents. Add in an unexpected complication or early delivery and those challenges can feel overwhelming. Our NICU staff has dedicated their lives to ensuring that not only are their little patients cared for, but their families as well.

Here is what a few of our NICU team members have to say about why they do what they do.

Jessica Bulmer, Patient Care Technician (15 years with Stormont Vail)

“I enjoy working in the NICU because every day is a new challenge. This makes my job more rewarding when the babies overcome so many obstacles during their stay. We celebrate when they become healthy enough to go home.”

Caleb Burlew, RN (8 years with Stormont Vail)

“Ever since I had my clinical rotation in the NICU, I knew that this is what I wanted to do when I graduated. Taking care of the most vulnerable of humanity is a very rewarding career.”

Michele Dean, NICU Charge Nurse (29 years with Stormont Vail)

“I get to witness the strongest miracles and work with the strongest most diverse group of medical professionals who I consider family.”

Heather Masuch, Transport RN (17 years with Stormont Vail)

“I love that transport gives me an opportunity to bring a piece of the NICU to other facilities. I can share a little bit of knowledge with staff and introduce families to the NICU. I really get a chance to use all my skills to their full capacity.”

Chelsea Meyers, RN (8 years with Stormont Vail)

“Working in the NICU is unlike anything else. To watch these tiny babies grow and overcome obstacles is truly incredible. I love not only working with the amazing team here at Stormont Vail but also with the brave parents and guardians who are going through challenging times.”

Shelbi Scarbrough, Patient Care Technician (10 years with Stormont Vail)

“I enjoy working in the NICU because we get to see miracles happen every day. We get to help those tiny miracles reach every milestone, and it’s so rewarding. I also love that I get to work alongside some of the most skilled nursing staff, nurse practitioners and doctors.”

Emily Springer, RN (2.5 years with Stormont Vail)

“I love working in the NICU because it is so rewarding watching the babies grow and get stronger every day. It is a blessing to watch them meet milestones and make progress, getting them closer to going home. I can’t imagine doing anything else!”

We are so proud of our NICU team, and we know they are proud of the work they do. To learn more about the wonderful work they do, visit our NICU page today.

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