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5 Things to Know about Taking Blood Thinners

Before certain medications were invented, infections like strep throat and illnesses like diabetes were deadly. Now, people around the world benefit from life-saving medications every single day. When blood thinners joined that list of life-saving medications, certain heart conditions became more manageable and less life-threatening. More than two million people take blood thinners every day […]

Breast Self-exams: Should You Still Do Them?

Whether you know someone who has been affected by breast cancer or you’ve simply read the statistics online, you probably know the impact of breast cancer on women. It’s the second most common cancer in American women, and for many women, regular screenings are at the top of their medical to-do list. Going to your […]

3 Safe, Family-Friendly Ways to Exercise

Yeah, yeah — exercise is important. So is toting your kids around to school, staying on top of your aging parents’ health, getting dinner on the table, and being your spouse’s personal calendar alert. You’ll squeeze it in at some point, right? Exercise may not be at the top of your list, but it should […]