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Breastfeeding Clinic

The Breastfeeding and Follow-Up Clinic is located on the fourth floor of Stormont-Vail.

Walk-in clinic hours are:
10 a.m. to Noon Monday – Friday
5:30 to 6:30 p.m. – 2nd and 4th Thursdays
9:30 to 10:30 a.m. – Saturdays

Breastfeeding education before the baby arrives
Stormont-Vail recently received a grant to hire a part-time OB Nurse Navigator. Kris Myers, RN, will meet with patients at Lincoln Center OBGYN and M&I clinic to provide education about successful breastfeeding. Patients who meet with Kris will receive packets of breastfeeding resources, advice on setting breastfeeding goals and education on the benefits of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding support in the hospital
A member of the Breastfeeding Clinic team will come to your room each day of your hospitalization to provide assessment, education, support and hands-on assistance with breastfeeding. You are encouraged to be involved in your individualized plan of care, and staff appreciates your input so they can better assist you in meeting your breastfeeding goals.

Breastfeeding support after you leave the hospital
On the day you are discharged from the hospital, we will make an appointment for you and your newborn to return to the Breastfeeding and Follow-Up Clinic within one or two days. At this first follow-up appointment in the clinic, nurses will:

  • Perform a head-to-toe assessment of your newborn.
  • Evaluate your newborn for jaundice and draw any lab ordered by the physician.
  • Perform a before and after feeding weight check to evaluate the effectiveness of a breastfeeding session.
  • Provide education and guidance for newborn care, feedings and recommended follow-up.
  • Perform a blood pressure check for mothers with history of hypertension.
  • Perform incision checks for mothers who have had a c-section or tubal ligation.
  • Provide education regarding post-delivery pain management options.
  • Communicate any health concerns regarding you and your newborn to your physician(s).

Stormont-Vail recognizes that bringing a newborn home can be an overwhelming adventure that extends beyond the first few days. To support mom’s who are breastfeeding or have questions about their baby’s nutrition, Stormont-Vail Breastfeeding Clinic offers a free walk-in hours six days a week and twice a month in the evening.

During the walk-in hours a member of the Breastfeeding Clinic team will sit down and talk with each mother one-on-one and offer:

  • An evaluation of the baby’s weight.
  • Evidence-based recommendations for feeding plans.
  • Performance of newborn labs if ordered by a physician.
  • Breast/nipple evaluation.
  • Education and support for the entire family.

There is no charge for the Breastfeeding and Follow-Up Clinic services for patients delivering at Stormont-Vail. For patients who do not deliver at Stormont-Vail, a one-time $30 chart initiation fee will be charged upon the first visit. After hour appointments are available for a fee. Please call (785) 354-5034. 

The Breastfeeding Clinic also carries a wide selection of breastfeeding supplies that are available for purchase including baby carriers, breast pumps, pump accessories, pump supplies and replacement parts, milk storage bags, nursing bras, nursing covers, nursing pillows, sleep sacks, microwave sterilization bags and much more. Hospital-grade rental pumps are also available. 


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