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We Together, Go Be Great!

We have faced many challenges during this time and I pray we may all have peace with our path we have and continue to serve as part of our mission in healthcare.  Our new normal may look and feel a little different than what we once knew it to be, but I can assure you, […]

I was Scared

Why did I start working at Stormont Vail Health? I started working at Stormont after I had a life-changing experience. In 2016 I had a child and after his 2-month shots he went unconscious and got very sick. We started at another hospital and they could not provide the care he needed so we came […]

Not Alone

Pictured: Alicia’s colleague, Mary Evans, meditating in her office.  As a therapist in the Outpatient Behavioral Health setting, I am blessed to teach and practice skills to help manage anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Although these tools are incredibly handy, I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been shaken by the […]

Coming Together to Care

I am humbled each time I answer a call or respond to a request from the community to serve our teams with their generous donations. We have an incredible community of support! Our partners, volunteers and neighbors have shown their care through donations of homemade masks, food for staff, donations of personal protective equipment, offers […]

Feeling Blessed

As a therapist on the Behavioral Health Intervention Team at the main hospital, I regularly treat individuals struggling with depression and anxiety.  As the COVID-19 pandemic hit our community I found myself struggling with my own anxieties and feelings of isolation and separation from close family members due to “social distancing.”  As I have made […]

Together We Are Family

Approximately 25 years, 9,125 days, 219,000 hours, 13,140,000 minutes, 788,400,000 seconds combined dedication to the medical field between the three of us. Truthfully, as healthcare providers, we never stop and separate home from work. We are on the constant road to finding ways of making our next shift easier for ourselves individually, increase the quality […]

We’re All in this Together

Oooh, all the negative press and attempts to make yesterday look like a nasty assault against employees instead of the preservation of jobs strategy it really was has me heated. I believe I speak for MANY employees of this organization when I say that, if asked, I would not have hesitated for a second to […]