2860 S.W. Mission Woods Dr.
Topeka, KS 66614

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4100 S.W. 15th Street
Topeka, KS 66604

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(785) 273-8224 (15th St.)

(785) 273-7571 (Mission Woods)

Cotton O'Neil Pediatrics

Cotton O'Neil Pediatrics has two Topeka locations where the physicians see patients. Both clinics are open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Some physicians may be able to see your child on the same day but it is recommended that you have an appointment. 

Cotton O'Neil Pediatrics Gage
4100 SW 15th, Topeka, KS 66604 

(785) 273-8224

The main Cotton O'Neil Pediatrics clinic is located in central Topeka, off of 
S.W. Gage at 15th St.

Cotton O'Neil Pediatrics Urish
2860 S.W. Mission Woods Dr., Topeka, KS 66614

(785) 273-7571
Cotton O'Neil Pediatrics Urish is located in southwest Topeka near S.W. Urish Road and 29th St. 

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