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Cotton O’Neil Cancer Center

Cut Fat. Cut Cancer.

Nutrition, physical activity and obesity have become hot topics as an increasing percentage of obese and overweight people are affected by chronic conditions, including cancer. 

The Stormont Vail Cancer Committee launched a campaign in 2013 to educate the community about the links between nutrition and certain types of cancer. Most people understand there is a link between obesity and heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, but not cancer. The campaign goal is to raise awareness and prevention.

Two-thirds of adults in Kansas are overweight or obese.

The Cut Fat. Cut Cancer. campaign includes information about better eating, appropriate exercise and more.

The Cancer Committee recently created a cookbook that includes healthy recipes. Much of the campaign is based on evidence-based research from the American Institute for Cancer Research. The AICR provides many resources on its website at

The Cancer Committee is a multidisciplinary group including physicians that provides oversight on the accreditation of the cancer center.


Cut Fat. Cut Cancer. cookbook.