Emergency Care – Flint Hills

Emergency Department

When to go to the ER

Call 911 when you need immediate help, especially in the following situations:

Choking or inability to breathe

Loss of consciousness

An injury to the neck or spine

Severe burns over a large portion of the body


Heart attack symptoms, such as chest pain or pressure, or pain in the jaw or arm

Stroke symptoms, such as a sudden inability to move, speak, see, or understand, and a sudden weakness or "drooping" on one side of the body

Inhalation of poisonous fumes or smoke

Uncontrollable bleeding

A broken bone that's pushing through the skin

A severe allergic reaction, such as breathing difficulty, swelling, hives

Drug overdose

Having suicidal thoughts

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First hospital in Junction city


Dr. W.A. Carr founded the first City Hospital in 1913.  Dr. Carr opened the hospital in a small home on the corner of Second and Adams Streets.  When business exceeded space availability, the City Hospital moved in 1919 to what is now an apartment complex at the intersection of Ash and Jefferson Streets.

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