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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What positions are currently open?

A. You can view our open positions on our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week at: Positions are in the following categories: 

  • Professional
  • Nursing
  • Clerical
  • Service

Q. How often are the positions updated?  

A. The website is real-time information. We add the majority of our new positions on Tuesday afternoons. We’re continually updating the web site as positions are filled throughout the week.

Q. How do I apply online?

A. By visiting our web site, Click on the “For Professionals” tab and follow the prompts to complete an online employment application. For your convenience you may complete an employment application directly from the position you’re interested in.

Q. Which do I select – the Internal vs. External employment application?

A. Current employees should select “Current Employees: Job Listings and Transfer Application." Non-employees should select "All Other Applicants (Non-Employee): Job Listings and Employment Application."  

Q. What if I forget my user name and/or password?

A. You should keep your user name and password in a secure location. If you forget or misplace this information, the employment web site provides a link to retrieve.  Simply log into When it prompts you to enter your “User Name’ and ‘Password,” you can also select “Forgot User Name or Password”; then enter your “First Name,” “Last Name” and “Last 4 of SSN” and the missing information will be either displayed on the screen or provided to you via your e-mail address. 

Q. Why is it important to enter my last 4 numbers of my social security card?

A. This is a required field on our employment application. The number is only used as a unique identifier during each applicant’s online employment application registration.

Q. What if I can’t get my resume to “copy and paste?”

A. Submitting a resume is not required; what is required is that each applicant complete the “Work History” to include all current and past employers. 

Q. Should I call to check the status of my application?

A. Calling our office isn’t necessary as we communicate with applicants via the e-mail address entered on the online employment application.  

Q. Do I have to apply for every position I’m interested in?

A. Yes, please attach an online employment application to each position you’re interested in. You may apply only once to each requisition number.

Q. If I’m invited for an interview, what should I wear?

A. If you are invited for an interview, ‘business casual’ is the minimum attire that is appropriate. The following clothing items would not be appropriate to wear to an interview:  shorts, t-shirts, jeans, leggings, beach attire, flip flops, etc. 

Q. If I’m invited for an interview, what information should I share with my recruiter?  

A. Just answer questions (both on the employment application and during the interview) honestly and to the best of your ability.   

Q. Is it okay to call the departments to check on the status of my application?

A. Please do not contact the departments directly to check the status of your employment application. 

Q. If I accept a contingent employment offer, what happens next?

A. You will receive an e-mail confirming the contingent employment offer. The offer is contingent based on successful completion of the pre-employment process, which includes the background and reference checks as well as the pre-employment screening process through the Employee Health Nurse.

Q. What happens if I forget to report for my pre-employment screening appointment?

A. You should make every effort to keep this scheduled appointment!  If something emergent comes up, please call us immediately at (785) 354-6153, Option 3 to let us know you need to reschedule. If we can accommodate your re-scheduling request, we will – if we can’t, the rescheduling of this pre-employment screening appointment may delay your start date.

Q. What happens if I don’t return as requested to visit with the Employee Health Nurse?

A. It is very important that you keep all scheduled pre-employment screening appointments. If you don’t, your start date may be delayed or the employment offer may be rescinded at the discretion of the department director. 

Q. What does the background check consist of?

A. All new hires are asked to give their consent for a criminal background check to be conducted by our vendor, Universal. If during the course of this background check, it is determined there are any misdemeanor or felony convictions or any charges pending that the applicant didn’t previously share with their recruiter, the employment offer will be rescinded. 

Q. Will I hear back if I am not selected?

A. We communicate with our applicants via e-mail. Once an employment offer is made and accepted, all other applicants will receive this e-mail.