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The Breastfeeding Center

Welcome to the Breastfeeding Center

Are you expecting a baby? You may already know that breastfeeding is the healthiest option for your newborn, but did you know that it can be good for your health as well? Breastfeeding reduces your risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

It can also have a profound effect on the health of your new baby. The antibodies and hormones found in breast milk reduces the risk of your baby getting sick. Breastfed babies are also less likely to have ear infections, diarrhea and vomiting; eczema; and lower respiratory infections.

However, many new moms, especially first-time moms, have questions about breastfeeding or need support and guidance to successfully breastfeed. Stormont Vail Health’s Breastfeeding Center is here to help you breastfeed your new baby whether you’re having your first baby or your fourth.

Our Breastfeeding Center includes board-certified lactation consultants, certified breastfeeding educators, and nurses who have received additional education and training in the area of breastfeeding. We are here to help you before your baby is delivered, while you are in the hospital, and after you are discharged home. The Breastfeeding Center also features a convenient retail space to purchase breastfeeding supplies.

If you’re already a patient at Lincoln Center OB practice, our Obstetrics Nurse Navigator will meet with you to answer questions and give you information about resources, advice on setting breastfeeding goals, and information about the benefits of breastfeeding. Expectant mothers looking for information about breastfeeding can sign up for our Breastfeeding Basics class.

After you deliver your baby, you’ll meet with a lactation consultant or breastfeeding educator while in the hospital. Before you are discharged, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment for you to return to the Breastfeeding Center with your new baby.

Please contact the Breastfeeding Center at (785) 354-5034 to schedule an appointment.

Stormont Vail has been recognized as a “High 5 for Mom and Baby Hospital.” To achieve this recognition, the hospital has taken steps that have been proven to increase successful breastfeeding.

These steps include allowing moms to have uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact with their baby immediately after delivery and practicing “rooming in” where moms and infants remain together 24 hours a day.

The Care You Can Expect

Despite our name, the Breastfeeding Center encompasses more than just breastfeeding support. We’re here for all of the issues that may arise when you welcome a new baby into your family.

During your first appointment, we’ll make sure your newborn is healthy and thriving, and will check him or her for jaundice and can take blood tests if your doctor has ordered it. We can also do a weight check before and after a breastfeeding session to make sure that your baby is getting enough to eat, and answer any questions you have about caring for your baby.

We care for you, too, including checking your blood pressure; checking incisions if you’ve had a C-section; giving advice about managing post-delivery pain; and answering other questions you may have.

In the weeks to come, you may have lots of questions — and we’re here to answer all of them and support you as a parent. You can come to the Breastfeeding Center any time it’s open if you have any questions — not just those related to breastfeeding — about your new baby.

There’s no charge for visiting the Breastfeeding Center if you delivered at Stormont Vail. If you’re a new mom who delivered at a different hospital, there’s a one-time $35 fee that’s charged at the first visit.

We also offer a wide selection of breastfeeding supplies available for purchase, including baby carriers, breast pumps, pump accessories, pump supplies and replacement parts, milk storage bags, nursing bras, nursing covers, nursing pillows, sleep sacks, microwave sterilization bags and much more, along with hospital-grade pumps that are available to rent.

Meet Our Team

Our Breastfeeding Center is staffed with board-certified lactation consultants, certified breastfeeding educators, and nurses who have received additional education and training in the area of breastfeeding.

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