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Mother & Baby

Delivering High-Quality Care

Having a baby is both an exciting and eye-opening experience. As a newly expectant parent, now is the perfect time to prepare for you and your baby’s care.

Stormont Vail Health’s Mother & Baby Departments offers high quality and comprehensive care throughout your journey. From appointments and checkups to delivery and post-natal care, our team will be with you every step of your journey.

The Birthplace

At the Birthplace at Stormont Vail Hospital, our goal is for you and your baby to have a comfortable, safe labor and delivery experience. Whether you’re still in your second trimester or approaching your delivery date, it’s never too early to make your delivery plan at the Birthplace.
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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The world is already full of challenges for newborns, but when a baby is born prematurely, they are especially vulnerable. Stormont Vail’s Neonatal Intensive Care team provides special care that helps premature or sick newborns get the best possible start to life.
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Maternal Fetal Medicine

Some pregnancy proceed long with no surprises while others may need extra-special attention. Cotton O’Neil Maternal Fetal Medicine acts as a consultative service to help manage your care in conjunction with your primary OB provider.
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Breast Feeding Clinic

Breastfeeding is the healthiest option for your newborn. Our Breastfeeding Center includes board-certified lactation consultants, certified breastfeeding educators and nurses who have received additional education and training in the area of breastfeeding.
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Thank you for choosing Stormont Vail Health’s Mother & Baby to be part of your birthing plan!