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Stormont Vail Celebrates Fifth Anniversary as Mayo Clinic Care Network Member

(Topeka, Kan., March 6, 2019) ­– As Stormont Vail Health celebrates its fifth anniversary as a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, one of 40 selected independent health systems across the globe, digital consultations — known as eConsults — have become integral to 21st-century health care delivery. Since Stormont Vail joined the network in April 2014, more than 1,000 patients in Topeka and the surrounding communities have benefited from eConsults.

Among an array of benefits, network membership enables Stormont Vail physicians to consult with Mayo experts through eConsults and through access to Mayo Clinic’s online repository of disease management information and evidence-based treatment recommendations. By embracing collaboration through technology, Stormont Vail and Mayo Clinic help ensure that patients with complex conditions have access to trusted teamwork and expertise − all while staying close to home, and at no additional cost to the patient.

“Really what we’re celebrating is the great care we’ve been able to provide our patients through the relationship,” said Stormont Vail Health President and Chief Executive Officer Randy Peterson. “I think it does set us apart. When we looked at where people thought they could get the best care, and what organization had the best brand reputation, it was Mayo Clinic. We have changed how we deliver care because of that relationship. That’s been beneficial to our staff, to our patients, and to the community. It’s really multi-faceted, and I think the relationship will continue to grow and build.”

For example, a consultation on one patient’s colorectal surgery led to Stormont Vail adopting the same rapid-recovery techniques and strategies for all postsurgical patients. “Just the pain reduction and the way that people are able to recover after surgery has changed a lot because of that,” Peterson said. Peterson also cited AskMayoExpert, an online resource that delivers Mayo Clinic physician-vetted medical knowledge and puts answers to common clinical questions into the hands of Stormont Vail providers. AskMayoExpert and eConsults are two of several professional services that Stormont Vail providers have access to through this collaborative relationship.

Other benefits of the affiliation include special community-learning opportunities such as the recent Wellpower Healthy Living event, which featured a talk by Dr. Donald Hensrud, director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program and editor of The Mayo Clinic Diet, 2nd Edition.  The program, which drew a near-capacity crowd, also included a cooking demonstration and information booths with internal and external groups promoting healthy-living initiatives.


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