ZDoggMD Visits Stormont Vail Health

An enthusiastic crowd of Stormont Vail Health team members greeted Dr. Zubin Damania on June 27 at the Topeka Performing Arts Center. Dr. Damania, better known by his pseudonym, ZDoggMD, shared stories, advice and his experiences in improving health care for patients, providers and all team members during the two-hour event.

The next day, Dr. Damania accompanied Dr. Kevin Dishman, senior vice president and chief medical officer, to visit several departments at Stormont Vail Hospital including virtual nursing. Dr. Damania also sat in on huddle meetings for hospitalists and administration.

“The energy and passion Dr. Damania shared with our team members was amazing,” Dishman said. “He knows what matters in health care: the relationship between patients and their health care team. His message resonates with everyone in our organization.”

Dr. Damania later shared what he learned walking the halls of Stormont Vail Hospital to his social media.

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