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(785) 354-0539

Information for Referring Physicians

The Cotton O’Neil Digestive Health Center welcomes referrals for consultative and endoscopic services.

Consultation or return appointments for established patients can be made by calling (785) 354-0539.

Patients can also be directly referred for upper endoscopy and/or colonoscopy. This service is appropriate for patients who have straightforward indications for endoscopy as well as for patients who need screening colonoscopy. To directly refer a patient to the Cotton O’Neil Digestive Health Center, call (785) 354-0538. Information will be obtained, and we will contact the patient and schedule the exam.

The gastroenterologist on call is available through Stormont Vail Health Connections at (877) 354-5600 for patients requiring urgent endoscopic examination and/or hospitalization. The Cotton O’Neil Division of Gastroenterology physicians utilize a hospital call rotation system where one of the six gastroenterologists is on call for a week and manages the inpatient service. The rotation begins and ends each Friday morning.