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Investing in Our Nurses








Whether you are a newly graduated nurse or a seasoned professional, Stormont Vail provides staff development that is based on the principles of Adult Learning Theory, as well as Patricia Benner’s Model of Novice to Expert. The model uses adult learning principles to build experience, competency, practice and structure.

Professional development opportunities are available in multiple ways:

  • Free continuing and clinical education offerings, both in on-site classes and online.
  • Tuition reimbursement program.
  • Grant opportunities to attend professional and educational conferences and seminars.
  • Support to pursue professional certification.
  • Professional contribution ladders for all levels of nurses.
  • On-site health sciences library with skilled staff and access to academic and medical journals and databases.

We also take the opportunity to support and encourage our patient care technicians and medical assistants to continue with their education and consider professional nursing as a career. We often utilize nursing students in these positions within our organization.

Join Our Team

If you are interested in professional nursing and working with doctors, staff and other nurses in a collaborative setting consider a career with Stormont Vail. Search our open positions at or contact our Recruitment office at (785) 354-5636.