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Stormont Vail Women’s Center

Understanding. Meeting Women’s Health Needs.

The Stormont Vail Women’s Center provides women with the resources and opportunities to take care of their health needs. Women’s health professionals who understand women’s needs, including the desire to be comfortable and listened to during visits, staff it. The center is open Monday through Friday. The Stormont Vail Women’s Center offers digital breast cancer screening (3D and 2D mammography) and osteoporosis evaluations.

To make an appointment at the Stormont Vail Women’s Center, call (785) 354-5960.

Mammograms are certainly screenings that women will avoid having for many reasons. They may fear the results or the discomfort that may occur or they may just have such busy schedules that they have a hard time scheduling routine screenings. Recognizing these challenges, the Stormont Vail Women’s Center decided to create an event, called “Girls Night Out,” for women that would both provide an environment that would decrease some of the fear women have while getting their screening mammogram, and also allow women to come together in a relaxed setting and socialize and learn about breast health. Refreshments are served, chair massages offered and a presentation on a women’s health topic is also offered at the event.  

If you are interested in scheduling a Girls Night Out event for a group of 15 to 20 women friends, co-workers, church members or neighbors, call the Stormont Vail Women’s Center at (785) 354-5960.