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New Location Coming Sumer 2023

Stormont Vail Health is excited to welcome you to our new, innovative, and cutting edge facility in Manhattan.

The Stormont Vail Health Manhattan Campus will be home to primary care, specialty medicine, lab, imaging, and other services and amenities - all under one roof at 1325 Research Park Drive. We will begin to move in July, with a grand opening in August.


Opening Dates:

July 12, 2023: Digestive Health
(current locations closed 7/11)

July 13, 2023: Cardiology, Nerology, Behavioral Health
(Current locations closed 7/12)

July 14, 2023: Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound
(Current locations closed 7/13)

July 18, 2023: X-Ray and Lab Services
(Current location for X-ray closed 7/17; lab closed 7/14-7/17)

July 19, 2023: Primary Care; both family and internal medicine
(Current location closed 7/18)

July 24, 2023: Mammography & DEXA
(Current location closed 7/17-7/21)

July 26, 2023: CT Services
(Current location closed 7/24-7/28)

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