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Mayo Clinic Care Network at Stormont Vail Health

There’s no place like home for receiving world-class medical care. And there’s good news for those who call Eastern Kansas home.

Stormont Vail Health is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. When our physicians are seeking a second opinion or expertise from an outside specialist, they can collaborate with Mayo Clinic’s experts. Our patients gain access to world-class care, without ever leaving Eastern Kansas.

Stormont Vail has been part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network for almost five years. We have collaborated with Mayo Clinic experts on more than 1000 patient cases. Mayo Clinic specialists get back to us with their opinions within just two working days of reviewing a patient’s information or pathology slides.

How It Works

There are several ways that Stormont Vail physicians can use the Mayo Clinic Care Network:


Physicians use eConsults when they’re looking to get an outside pair of eyes, or help on a difficult case.

All relevant patient information — notes, images, lab results, scans — gets sent over to Mayo Clinic. Within about two working days, an expert from Mayo Clinic sends back a report with notes and recommendations.

Any communication from Mayo Clinic goes directly to the Stormont Vail physician, rather than to the patient. Then, the physician shares relevant information with the patient. This ensures that we continue our tradition of personalized care that strengthens the physician-patient relationship.

An eConsult is particularly helpful when patients have a rare or hard-to-treat condition.

Many times, eConsults come back with the Mayo expert’s direct line so that our physicians can ask follow-up questions and continue collaborating on patient care.

Once in a while, Mayo Clinic will recommend that we send a patient to them for specialized care. However, most patients whose physician uses an eConsult are able to stay at home and get the care they need without having to travel.

And if patients do need a referral to an outside hospital, there’s no obligation to send them to Mayo Clinic — we’ll send our patients to the best, and most convenient, hospital for their needs.


This tool gives our physicians Mayo Clinic-vetted information, such as care guidelines, treatment recommendations and best practices for disease management. Physicians can access the information on their computers or mobile devices at any time.

Inpatient Consults

Inpatient consults are the latest development in the Mayo Clinic Care Network. They are used when physicians need a consult, but they can’t wait for the usual turnaround time of an eConsult. Physicians can call Mayo Clinic directly and get connected via phone with a specialist in the field.


Our physicians can take advantage of Mayo Clinic Continuing Medical Education events, symposiums and seminars offered through the Mayo Clinic Care Network. They have access to archived Mayo Clinic Grand Rounds — presentations by Mayo providers and faculty addressing various clinical care and health care delivery topics.

Protocol Development

The experts at Mayo Clinic can help Stormont Vail physicians develop plans for managing unique challenges. For example, during the Ebola epidemic, Mayo Clinic worked with us to finalize protocols for how we would treat a patient with the Ebola virus.

Why Mayo Matters

Why is being part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network so special?

It Means Top-Notch Care

Mayo Clinic has been ranked the best hospital in the country by U.S. News & World Report. That means that Stormont Vail providers have the opportunity to receive input from Mayo Clinic physicians, who are the top experts in their field. 

It Reinforces Our Dedication to Quality

Every year, each member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network undergoes a quality review by Mayo Clinic. This ensures that quality care — something we have always been dedicated to — remains an ongoing effort.

It’s Free for Patients

There is no cost to patients. Patients get the benefit of receiving a second opinion, and peace of mind, without having to travel to go to another hospital.

It Brings Excellence to Our Own Backyard

Most importantly, with Stormont Vail and Mayo Clinic experts collaborating, patients don’t have to leave Eastern Kansas to receive world-class care.

Who Uses Mayo Consultations?

Any physician at Stormont Vail is welcome to take advantage of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.