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Stormont Vail Health and the Mayo Clinic Care Network

The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a select group of independent health systems carefully vetted by Mayo Clinic and granted special access to Mayo’s knowledge, expertise and resources. As part of the network, Stormont Vail Health doctors can quickly access Mayo’s latest research, diagnostic and treatment resources whenever they feel it will benefit their patients.

Our collaboration with Mayo Clinic helps us achieve our goal to improve the delivery of health care.

Building Better Care Together

Mayo Clinic has a long history of working together with other providers across the globe to solve complex medical challenges. That is why the Mayo Clinic Care Network was formed — to extend knowledge, expertise and resources to carefully vetted, independent, high-quality health care organizations.

Top-Notch Care

Mayo Clinic has been ranked the best hospital in the country by U.S. News & World Report. That means that Stormont Vail providers have the opportunity to receive input from Mayo Clinic physicians, who are the top experts in their field.

As part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Stormont Vail joins health care organizations from the US as well as around the globe.

Dedication to Quality

At Stormont Vail, we work to create a health system that is the top choice for health care services in our region. We hold ourselves accountable to achieving high standards in safety and quality.

Every year, each member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network undergoes a quality review by Mayo Clinic. This ensures that quality care — something we have always been dedicated to — remains an ongoing effort.

Enhancing Patient Experience

Stormont Vail owns the patient experience. We partner with like-minded organizations to advance our mission of working together to improve the health of our community. Our collaborative relationship with Mayo Clinic is just one of the many ways we are enhancing the patient experience.

Additionally, patient privacy is always a top priority. Anything related to patient care that is shared with Mayo Clinic is sent through a secure electronic connection and remains confidential.

Care Close to Home

Being part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network means Stormont Vail patients have the ability to access Mayo Clinic’s research, diagnostic and treatment resources through their local doctor. This service is provided at no additional cost, helping patients avoid unnecessary travel and inconvenience while gaining the care and expertise from Mayo Clinic close to home.

Empowering Care

As part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Stormont Vail physicians join a worldwide collaboration. They can work together to solve complex medical challenges. Here are a few ways our physicians can use the Mayo Clinic Care Network:


Physicians use eConsults when they’re looking for additional expertise or help on a difficult case. An eConsult is particularly helpful when patients have a rare or hard-to-treat condition.

Many times, eConsults come back with the Mayo expert’s direct line so that our physicians can ask follow-up questions and continue collaborating on patient care.


AskMayoExpert is an online database that gives our physicians Mayo Clinic-vetted information, such as care guidelines, treatment recommendations and best practices for disease management. Physicians can access the information on their computers or mobile devices at any time.

Inpatient Consults

Inpatient consults are used when physicians need an immediate consult for patients in the hospital. Our physicians can call Mayo Clinic directly and be connected via phone with a specialist in the field.


Our physicians can take advantage of Mayo Clinic’s education events, symposiums and seminars.

Additionally, they have access to archived Mayo Clinic Grand Rounds — presentations by Mayo providers and faculty addressing various clinical care and health care delivery topics.

Who Uses Mayo Consultations?

Any physician at Stormont Vail is welcome to take advantage of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.