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Level III Neonatal Intensive Care

Expert Care for Tiny Patients

Neonatal Intensive Care at Stormont Vail Health was founded on a tradition of compassionate, expert care for critical babies in 1985.

The unit offers 27 spacious private rooms, specially designed to accommodate state-of-the-art neonatal care equipment. From a centralized nursing station, all babies can be monitored and cared for individually in private quiet, light-controlled environments that enhance the little ones’ ability to thrive.

Stormont Vail Neonatal Intensive Care offers families privacy, comfortable in-room visiting space and personal storage areas.

The unit is staffed with five neonatologists, four neonatal nurse practitioners, and two social workers along with a dedicated, experienced nursing staff.

After the infant’s discharge, the Neonatal Intensive Care staff continues to offer support for parents through follow-up clinics for infants at risk of developmental delays.

Parent support services include:

  • Extensive, flexible visiting hours for family
  • Sleep rooms for families of critical patients
  • Sleep rooms for families to stay with their infant overnight prior to going home
  • Access to the Ronald McDonald House
  • Grief and loss support
  • March of Dimes NICU Family Support Program   


In 2014 the Neonatal Intensive Care department received the PRC’s 5-Star Excellence Award in Quality of Care. To be a PRC 5-Star Excellence Award winner, hospitals are judged against all other health care organizations in similar categories within PRC’s nationwide databases. 5-Star Award Winners are identified as the top 10 percent (at or above the 90th percentile) of PRC’s national client database. 

NICU Video

Welcome Baby Jubilee
Welcome Baby Jubilee showcases Stormont Vail Birthplace/Neonatal Intensive Care so you can see for yourself why Stormont Vail is the best place to welcome your baby to the world.

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