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Expert Vision Care

Our ability to see is one of the most precious of all our senses, and one that requires expert care. At Cotton O’Neil, Dr. Babak Marefat specializes in medical and surgical treatment of the eye, which can include both disease and trauma to the eye.

Some of the eye diseases diagnosed and treated include:

Cataracts – the clouding of the lens of the eye and associated loss of vision. The cataract can be removed when it begins to interfere with daily activities such as reading, watching TV, driving or recreation.

Glaucoma – a condition where rising pressure inside the eye causes damage to the optic nerve along with loss of vision. Dr. Marefat is available to diagnose and apply the appropriate treatment, which might include medication and/or the latest surgical correction. 

Diabetic Eye Disease – occurs when blood vessels in the retina develop tiny leaks that cause blood to seep into the retina, or when retinal blood vessels close. Upon diagnosis, Dr. Marefat may treat the condition with minimally invasive laser surgery.

Dr. Marefat also provides specialized treatment for:

  • Macular Degeneration
  • Dry Eyes
  • Allergic Eye Disease
  • Other injuries and diseases of the eye.

Dr. Marefat treats patients at his office located at 823 S.W. Mulvane in Topeka. He performs surgery at Stormont Vail Outpatient Surgery, where he has access to some of the most advanced ophthalmic equipment available.