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Pain Management

Stormont Vail Pain Management Clinic

Stormont Vail Pain Management provides consultations, diagnosis and treatments for headache pain, neck/cervical pain, low back pain/radiculopathy and peripheral nerve pain. Additionally, Pain Management provides consultations for inpatients at Stormont Vail for diagnosis and treatment.

Pain is more than a physical hardship; it is also a psychologically stressful state. Stormont Vail Pain Management offers an approach to pain management that includes experts in anesthetic block techniques. The anesthesiologist assesses each patient and offers recommendations for treatment, clearly defining the benefits and risks of each procedure. They then guide the patient through the treatment that is most appropriate. They are always accessible for questions and follow-up.

Pain may arise from an accident or injury, cancer, arthritis, other physical ailments or even emotional distress. Whatever its cause and site, pain limits the activities of everyday living and can erode a person’s dignity and self-respect. People suffering from pain may be preoccupied with their search for relief to the point that normal relationships and activities are adversely affected.

To contact Stormont Vail Pain Management, call (785) 354-5218.

Goals of Stormont Vail Pain Management

  • To help patients eliminate or reduce their pain level
  • To return patients to normal activities and relationships
  • To enhance overall quality of life
  • To increase functioning and return to work

Information for Referring Physicians

Stormont Vail Pain Management welcomes referrals for consultative and interventional procedures. Consultation or return appointments for established patients can be made by calling (785) 354-5218.

Patients need to be off their anticoagulation medication for the appropriate time frame prior to doing the procedure. A list of medications is available on our FAQ page

Pain Assessment Tool

Read how Stormont Vail Pain Management offers a variety of treatment options. No Pain is a Gain