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Patient Information

Your doctor has determined that you need an endoscopic examination in the near future. To assist you through this process, we’ve compiled this information. You will find helpful information we’ve gleaned over time. Most of the information is based on suggestions from previous patients. We welcome your input as well. 


A nurse from the Endoscopy Center’s Pre-Access Nursing Team will be calling you to schedule your appointment. During that call, the nurse will explain the procedure and preparation. The nurse will also discuss your medications, allergies and any herbal supplement use, so please have a list of them available, along with any questions from you or your family.

If you had your procedure scheduled by a nurse in the office of a Cotton O’Neil Digestive Health Center gastroenterologist, you will not be receiving a phone call. Please do look through the information that follows. 

Insurance Information

Our insurance clerk will call your insurance provider before the procedure date to verify your coverage. Please remember to have your primary care physician generate a referral for this procedure if necessary. Referrals must be done in advance of the examination date. Please bring your insurance cards with you on the day of your procedure.

Most insurance plans require the patient to pay a deductible and/or co-insurance payment. These fees are the responsibility of the patient and are due at the time the medical service is rendered. We will assist you in determining the amount of fees you may be responsible for and will work with you to set up payment plans as needed.

Our clerk will quote you the base fees for your procedure, but keep in mind that fees vary depending on the types of procedures being performed.

If you are having a colonoscopy done as a screening examination, you may be asked to sign a waiver upon arrival at the center. You will receive a letter explaining this process and the nurse will discuss this with you as well.

You will receive two billing statements: one from the Endoscopy Center for the facility fee and one from the physician who does your procedure. If you should have biopsies taken or polyps removed, you will also receive a billing statement from the pathology group that processes the specimens.

Your patronage and satisfaction are very important to us. We will work diligently to treat you with respect and to provide you with the quality care you expect.


If you are a diabetic who takes insulin, please bring it with you on the day of your examination. If you use breathing inhalers, bring them along as well. If you take medicine for heart problems or rhythm irregularities, please be sure to tell the nurse. If you take diet medications, you will need to stop them for two weeks before your procedure.

Procedure Time

Plan to spend approximately two to three hours with us. This includes the time needed to check you in, get you ready, do the examination and allow for your recovery. A family member or friend can wait in the waiting room or may borrow a pager and go eat or run errands while we care for you.

Family and Friends
: A telephone is available in the waiting room for local calls. Family and friends are allowed in the recovery room for a short visit. Your doctor will visit with them before your discharge.

You will receive medications to keep you comfortable during the procedure. As a result, you may not remember the doctor’s conversation, but your family can relay the information to you. You will receive written instructions and information to take home with you.

Because of the lasting effects of the sedative medication you will receive, you may not drive yourself home nor may you go home in a cab. Some patients might benefit from having an adult stay with them until they are fully recovered. 

Recovery Time

Wear comfortable clothing. Leave all of your jewelry and valuables at home. Do not try to go out to eat on your way home.

Going though a drive-thru facility is fine. Unless we tell you otherwise, you may resume your usual diet. You may also resume your medications unless otherwise instructed. Most people are ready to leave the Endoscopy Center after spending an hour in recovery. If you live out of town, you might want to bring along a pillow and blanket so you can rest on the trip home.

Procedure Results: 
You will know before you leave the facility what your doctor found during the exam. If a biopsy was taken or a polyp removed, you will be instructed as to when you will receive those results. In most cases, we will mail those results to you.

You primary care physician will receive copies of your procedure and pathology reports.

Prior to discharge we will give you a written questionnaire and self-addressed stamped envelope. Please take the time to fill it out and return it to us. We need your comments. As this brochure notes, we do listen and we do make use of your suggestions.

Some of you will receive a follow-up telephone call from our Outcomes Nurse. This provides another opportunity for you to ask questions and insure that you understand your procedure results.

Some Final Thoughts

Be kind to yourself. Plan to go straight home. When you get there, eat a light meal and return to bed for a nap. You will still be under the influence of medications, so do not plan to go shopping, return to work or school, drive a car, operate machinery, drink alcohol or sign any legal documents. Do drink plenty of fluids to replenish yourself.

The following day you should feel like resuming your normal activities.

Thank you in advance for allowing us to participate in your health care.