Ryan J. Tomlins M.D. CAQSM

/RY-an/ /TOM-linz/
"We really try to be good at the small things. Communication is a big part of what we do."
My Medical Specialty: Family Medicine /Sports Medicine
Related Departments: Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Male | Speaks: English


I’m Dr. Ryan Tomlins. I practice non-operative orthopedics and sports medicine here at Cotton O’Neil.

What conditions do you treat?

I think a lot of people have a misconception that we only see athletes or people that are really active. And that is true to some extent. But we also see weekend warriors, people who have desk jobs, and blue collar workers that may have other conditions that aren’t necessarily sports-related.

We treat, really, a lot of things head to toe. We’re seeing people with concussions. We’re seeing people with neck and back type pain, extremity pain — such as arthritis, tendonitis. [These] are probably the things we see a large majority of. And we also see those acute injuries: fractures that don’t require surgery, sports-related injuries.

Why should patients trust you with their care?

I think patients should trust Cotton O’Neil Orthopedics and Sports Med mostly because we really try to be good at the small things. Communication is probably the top thing we really try to be good at: returning phone calls quickly, expediting visits, listening to concerns — just taking 5, 10 minutes to listen to the patient — is a big part of what we do.

Board Certification

American Board Family Medicine (Sports Medicine)
American Board of Family Medicine


Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center
Sports Medicine
Birmingham, 2013


Greenville Hospital System - University of South Carolina
Family Medicine
Greenville, SC 2012

Medical School

American University of the Caribbean
Carol Gables, FL 2009

This Provider Practices at:

Cotton O'Neil Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
2660 S.W. Third St.
Topeka, KS 66606-2442

(785) 270-8880
Fax: (785) 270-8881

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