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Stephanie A. Sisk APRN

My Medical Specialty: Weight Management
female | Speaks: English

Primary Phone: (785) 368-0771

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Stephanie Sisk and I’m an APRN as well as the program manager of the weight management center. So, I’m actually a women’s health nurse practitioner, and a lot of women struggle with their weight. And so that’s kind of how it came about, but then Stormont needed help with their weight management program, so I decided to jump in, and I fell in love with it. And now I don’t do any women’s health. I’m completely focused on weight loss.

Why did you choose to work at Stormont Vail Health?

So actually, I’m a second generation employee. My dad is a physician here, internal medicine, and he was recruited by Dr. O’Neil and Dr. Cotton. And so I grew up running around these hallways. So it’s never been a question, I’ve always planned on working here.

How can patients see your interaction with other service lines?

I think when a patient is here they realize we’re a team. They see that I’m maybe interacting with their endocrinologist, or their primary care provider. I feel like they can really tell we’re getting the best care to that patient.

Why should a patient trust you with their care?

So, I think patients should trust me because I’m a certified specialist in obesity and weight management. I’ve also been doing this for five years, and I absolutely love it. I love what I do. And I think they’ll notice that in our visits is that they can tell I’m really compassionate about them. I want them to be successful. Also with our program we work really well with our other physicians here at Stormont. So, we’re going to make sure they get everything that they need. We’re going to completely focus on them as a whole being more healthy, but also focusing on weight loss and making sure they get that success.

If a provider wanted to refer a patient, what would be the first question you’d ask about my patient?

So, if a provider wants to refer someone, I do want to make sure “Is the patient ready to lose weight?” I think a lot of times providers recognize that the patient needs to lose weight, but the patient might not be ready. And so that’s one thing to kind of evaluate, “Is that patient motivated to lose weight?” If so, we definitely want them here. And then also they do have to have a BMI of 27 or above with something related to their obesity. So, that could be hypertension, arthritis, high cholesterol, sleep apnea or a BMI of 30 and above.

How would your spouse or friends describe you?

I think my spouse and friends would describe me as upbeat and positive. I always try to make sure everyone around me is comfortable and having a good time. And I think that’s yeah, kind of what I carry into my practice as well. I want to make sure every one of my patients who walks in knows that they feel comfortable, they’re welcome here. That’s exactly how I am outside.

Board Certification

National Certification Corporation


Nursing School
Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences
Kansas City, MO

This Provider Practices at:

Cotton O’Neil Weight Management Center – Mulvane

823 S.W. Mulvane St.
Topeka, KS 66606-1764

(785) 354-9591
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