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Veronica A. McPike APRN

My Medical Specialty: Weight Management
female | Speaks: English

Primary Phone: (785) 354-9591

What got you started in (your specialty)?

I got started in weight management because I kind of led that lifestyle myself. I enjoy healthy eating, exercise and it got me really excited to share that with patients and bring them in and help them find what works for them. Because everyone’s an individual, what works for me doesn’t work for them. So I enjoy working through what each person enjoys and finding how I can help them adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

Describe the typical patient who comes to see you.

I think I see that we find patients that might be nervous about coming in to see us. It’s a very sensitive topic that we discuss. And I just want them to know that they should feel one hundred percent comfortable when they come in and talk with me. I want a comfort level. I want to get to know them, I want them to get to know me so that we can develop a relationship so that we can move forward.

What are some things you do to take care of your own health?

Some of the things I do for my own personal health is I track what I eat, that’s an indicator for high success for weight loss with our patients. I exercise four to five times a week and drink lots of water all day long. I specialize in weight management.

What do you specialize in treating or helping with?

We’ll see patients and help them if they want to pursue lifestyle changes. We can offer medical therapy to help them lose weight. We also have a bariatric surgery program we can offer if patients are interested in that for weight loss.

Describe the typical patient who comes to see you.

I would say a typical patient that comes in to see us is a person who is interested in improving their overall health. They might have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and they know that improving their weight can help improve their overall health.

Why should a patient trust you with their care?

A patient should trust me to take care of them because I would never ask a patient to do something that I would not be willing to do myself. So, I try to lead the lifestyle that I would encourage them to lead.

What advice would you have for someone coming to see you?

Some advice that I would have for a patient coming in to see me for the first time would be, “Don’t be nervous. Come in with an open mind.” We’re here to help them and formulate an individualized plan for them. Something that’s going to work for them.

What would you tell a patient to help alleviate their nervousness about coming to see you?

How I would approach a patient that was nervous about coming in is I would just let them know that this is the first step that they’re taking to improving their health. It’s a big step and it’s not necessarily the easiest step to take, but we’re here to be along with them for the long term.

Board Certification

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners


Masters Program
Graceland University School of Nursing
Independence, MO

Nursing School
MidAmerican Nazarene University
Olathe, KS

This Provider Practices at:

Cotton O’Neil Weight Management Center – Mulvane

823 S.W. Mulvane St.
Topeka, KS 66606-1764

(785) 354-9591
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