2660 S.W. Third St.
Topeka, KS 66604

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(785) 354-6116

Cotton O’Neil Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

Outpatient Center
Cotton O’Neil Kanza Park
2660 S.W. Third St.
(785) 354-6116

Inpatient Center
located at Stormont Vail Hospital
1500 S.W. 10th Ave.
Inpatient: (785) 354-6117 

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy provides both inpatient services at Stormont Vail Hospital and outpatient services at two convenient locations in Topeka. These services include speech, occupational and physical therapy. 

The inpatient facility is located on the third floor of the Vail building inside the hospital. Our outpatient facility, located at 2260 S.W. Third St. in the Cotton O’Neil Kanza Park building, offers a multidisciplinary team approach to therapy with state-of-the-art technology along with a relaxing atmosphere with private and semiprivate rooms for your comfort and confidentiality. Our specialists treat orthopedic conditions and sports injuries, both conservative care and post-surgical.

Our therapists work in conjunction with other allied health and medical specialists helping our patients reach their optimal physical, mental, social and economic independence. Stormont Vail therapy services include:

  • Acute care – speech, occupational and physical therapies

  • Outpatient rehabilitation – speech, occupational and physical therapies

  • Satellite outpatient rehabilitation services at Cotton O’Neil Carbondale at 211 Main.

For complete information about our services, please call (785) 354-6116.