Cancer Clinical Research

It’s the leading frontier of medicine: Clinical research, also known as clinical trials, is a way for physicians and researchers to test new approaches to treatments and potentially improve a patient’s quality of life.

The Stormont Vail Health Clinical Research team is currently supporting more than 100 active clinical research trials, partnering with medical teams nationwide and around the world. It’s part of our commitment to develop and refine new medical treatments and therapies that can enhance patient care and well-being.

Cancer Clinical Research Panel

The Cotton O’Neil Cancer Center provides care to more than 1,000 newly diagnosed cancer and hematology patients each year. Many of them seek participation in a clinical research trial. Our research team has been the first to enroll cancer patients in trials, leading the nation in offering access to innovative potential treatments and helping cancer patients access the best research options from the center of the county.

There have been many important advances in cancer treatment – immunotherapy, personalized medicine, vaccines and breakthrough medications – and we’ve made a contribution to many of them. The Clinical Research Center maintains a panel of more than 50 active research trials in this therapeutic area.

New Treatments, New Hope

If you are interested in clinical trials at Stormont Vail, you can ask your health care provider for more information, or you can contact us directly at (785) 368-0744.

We will assess your eligibility and review with you what the study involves, including potential risks. The clinical trials are all voluntary, so we will require your consent beforehand.

Please note that before a new treatment can be used in a clinical trial, it has been under study by scientific and medical professionals for many years. Also, clinical trials must be approved by an Institutional Review Board — a board made up of independent members who ensure the trial is ethical, offering potential benefits to patients.

Participate or Learn More

Step 1: Click here for a full list of clinical trials that are now recruiting participants.

Step 2: Click here to fill out the clinical trials form if you are interested in any of these trials.

Call us at (785) 368-0744 for more information or further questions.