Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is all about improving your quality of life after an injury or illness.

In general, the goal of physical therapy is to improve your motion and function, keep you as strong as possible, and prevent or reduce disability. You might work on flexibility, endurance, strength, balance, coordination, or all of the above. The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to help improve a patient’s daily activities to get them back to an active lifestyle.

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Who might turn to a physical therapist for help? Just about anyone, at any age:

  • Physical therapists can work with athletes of all ages to get them back into their sports.
  • We can also work with children that are non-athletes with developmental delays (crawling, walking, sitting, toe-walking, etc) or muscle imbalances that are affecting daily activities.
  • Professionals can use it to relieve the pain and stiffness in the neck and back from inactivity.
  • Children born with certain conditions such as cerebral palsy might benefit from physical therapy to improve their motor skills and coordination.
  • Physical therapy can help cancer patients improve their daily life activities. Depending on their stage in treatment, we can focus on ways to make daily activities easier, as well as balance, strength, endurance, and functional mobility.

Treatment Options

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