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Topeka, KS 66606

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Stormont Vail Auxiliary

Serving with Compassion. Dedication

The Voice is a monthly newsletter provided for Auxiliary members and volunteers about departmental and health center updates.

About Us
The Stormont Vail Health Auxiliary’s long tradition of service began in 1949 and it is an essential part of the health care team.

Supporting Stormont Vail Health through voluntary service, financial contributions and promotion of goodwill.

Enhance the Auxiliary’s ability to serve as community ambassadors for Stormont Vail Health by: 

  • Strengthening the Topeka community’s perception of the Auxiliary’s mission 
  • Continuing to increase membership and member involvement 
  • Building on our tradition of caring, commitment and financial support

S erving
U nderstanding
P romoting community goodwill
P roactive in community
O perating efficiently
R especting individuals
T eamwork

Our Future
The Auxiliary remains strong and continues to support Stormont Vail Health as the organization changes and we move beyond the new century with one common goal in mind… “Working together to improve the health of our community.”


  • Become a member at large or member of an individual group, meet other people with similar interests 
  • Belong to a men’s or women’s group
  • Volunteer in more than 70 areas of the health center system
  • Attend meetings to gain information about new services and programs
  • Participate in special projects
  • Leadership positions
  • Assist in various fundraising events including the Gift Shop and Food Connection 

The Auxiliary has contributed more than $2 million dollars for the building and renovation of these major hospital projects:

  • $100,000 Surgery Addition
  • $100,000 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • $100,000 Cotton O’Neil Cancer Center
  • $100,000 Emergency/Trauma Center

In addition, the Auxiliary funds the following projects:

  • Annual nursing and continuing education opportunities
  • Support to health center departments for equipment and amenities for patients
  • Patient Room Services (welcome balloons, comfort quilts for patients)
  • Newborn Baby’s First Book
  • Angel Fund – for Cotton O’Neil Cancer Center patients with special needs

How Can I Become Involved?
Auxiliary projects and activities are as diverse as the membership. Some Auxilians volunteer in the health center, while some provide support through other Auxiliary activities.

What Will I Gain?
The gift of fellowship with others, the reward of giving of yourself, and new experiences are valuable benefits of membership. Your gift of service means hope, compassion, and a more comfortable visit to the patients and patient families who come to Stormont Vail for health care needs. 

Who Can Be a Member?
Anyone! Both men and women are encouraged to join if they express a desire and willingness to participate in Auxiliary activities and service projects, or to learn more about the health center through educational opportunities and fellowship.

Auxiliary Membership Application

Please make checks payable to Stormont Vail Health Auxiliary and mail with application to Stormont Vail Health Auxiliary, 1500 S.W. 10th Ave., Topeka, KS, 66604-1353

For more information about Auxiliary membership, please call (785) 354-6095.