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Topeka, KS 66606

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Stormont Vail Wound Care Center®

Healing. Every day.

The Stormont Vail Wound Care Center® provides people suffering from chronic, hard-to-heal wounds with the most advanced treatments in wound care. Our staff develops care plans for people with wounds resulting from venous insufficiency, diabetes, pressure ulcers, circulatory problems and other circumstances.

Services at the Stormont Vail Wound Care Center are designed to help patients significantly improve their quality of life. Dedicated, experienced professionals use the latest technologies to heal wounds, reducing the possibility of amputation, shortening hospital stays and preventing prolonged and/or permanent disabilities. The center uses a multi-disciplinary team of physicians that include general surgeons, internal medicine physicians and podiatrists along with clinical wound specialists.

Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy

The Stormont Vail Wound Care Center® offers hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy. HBO therapy increases the level of oxygen in the patient's blood, aiding in accelerated wound healing, preserving damaged tissues, controlling infection and increasing blood vessel formation. The HBO chamber circulates 100 percent oxygen at a pressure of two to three times greater than atmospheric pressure.

The Stormont Vail Wound Care Center® is owned by Stormont Vail Health and managed by Healogics.