2660 S.W. Third St., Suite 002
Topeka, KS 66606

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(785) 270-8000

Stormont Vail Single Day Surgery

Stormont Vail Single Day Surgery has been offering an alternative to hospitalization for you and your doctor since 1987. Single Day Surgery is a part of Stormont Vail Health, and we are located at 2660 S.W. 3rd St., Suite 002 in the Kanza Park building.

The staff serving you is professionally trained to provide the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost. We specialize in non-emergency surgery and provide an atmosphere where you come first. Our relaxing environment allows our staff to attend to the individual needs of you and our family.

Stormont Vail Single Day Surgery provides efficient, quality service in a unique and personal environment. Single Day Surgery provides the finest in health care that modern technology can provide, with you returning home the same day of your surgery.

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