Stormont Vail History



In 1882 Christ Hospital was founded by Bishop Thomas Vail and Ellen Vail, to give care to those less fortunate.


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In 1893, Dr. Milo Ward and Jane C. Stormont, the widow of dr. D. W. Stormont, founded the Jane C. Stormont Woman's Hospital and Training School for Nurses. They envisioned a modern hospital where medical care, particularly for women and those unable to pay, would be available.



In 1949, Jane C. Stormont Hospital and Christ Hospitals Merge. On July 20, 1953 Stormont-Vail Hospital officially opened it's doors with 280 beds and 44 bassinets.



A Stormont-Vail Hospital nurse instructed a student nurse on the use of an iron lung in 1959. The hospital had three iron lungs to help polio patients. (lef)


A new camera obtained by the hospital auxiliary was added to the maternity ward  Stormont-Vail in 1960. (right)

CJ new baby camera 1960



In August of 1995, Stormont-Vail merged with the Cotton O'Neil clinic. Cotton O'Neil Clinic was a partnership between Drs. Robert H. O'Neil and Robert T. Cotton that began in 1956. They were eventually joined by Dr. Maurice R. Cashman Jr. and Dr. Howard N. Ward.

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You can learn more about Stormont Vail Health's history in our History Room located in Stormont Vail Hospital.