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The Care Line

Since 1992, the Care Line has helped meet the emergency needs of patients and their families. The Care Line helps Stormont Vail patients and their families with needs that are typically not covered insurance and after all other personal, community, and public resources have been exhausted. Examples of Care Line assistance include prescriptions, clothing, transportation, temporary lodging, and durable medical equipment.

In 2017, the Care Line provided assistance to 8,411 patients and their families meeting nearly 13,000 needs, including:

  • $200 in gas vouchers for an Emporia-area Cancer Center patient on a fixed income needing transportation help to get to daily treatments
  • More than $300 in prescription assistance for an eight-year-old uninsured patient needing Tamiful.
  • Meal and lodging assistance totaling nearly $500 for parents whose newborn spent three weeks in our Neonatal Intensive Care

The Care Line is funded through grants and private gifts raised through both public and employee campaigns.

  • The Friends of the Care Line recognizes donors of $1,000 or more annually in support of the program.
  • As part of the 2017 Stormont Vail Health employee campaign, 453 physicians and staff contributed nearly $91,500 to the Care Line.

For more information about the Care Line, or to make a donation, contact the Foundation at (785) 354-6851.

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