Emergency Care – Topeka

Emergency and Trauma Center

When to go to the ER

Call 911 when you need immediate help, especially in the following situations:

Choking or inability to breath

Loss of consciousness

An injury to the neck or spine

Severe burns over a large portion of the body


Heart attack symptoms, such as chest pain or pressure, or pain in the jaw or arm

Stroke symptoms, such as a sudden inability to move, speak, see, or understand, and a sudden weakness or "drooping" on one side of the body

Inhalation of poisonous fumes or smoke

Uncontrollable bleeding

A broken bone that's pushing through the skin

A severe allergic reaction, such as breathing difficulty, swelling, hives

Drug overdoes

Having suicidal thoughts

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1927 exterior shot of christs hospital


The combined organization grew and then nearly 50 years later had another major consolidation with the Cotton-O'Neil Clinic, that would be pivotal in its development into the great institution it is today, serving thousands of people and their families each year.

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