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Transfer a Patient. Refer a Patient.

Urgent Transfers 
24 hours a day -
7 days a week

Toll free 877-354-5600

The Stormont Vail Patient Transfer Line is a single point of access to assist with trauma and admissions to Stormont Vail Hospital.

All referrals require a physician-to-physician consult to discuss the condition of the patient prior to acceptance.

Transfer a patient

Call toll free 877-354-5600

When you contact the transfer center, provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Referring physician and/or hospital
  • Your phone number
  • Service needed
  • Patient's name/birthdate
  • Patient's condition

The transfer line representative will:

  • Page the Stormont Vail physician on-call for the service you are requesting.
  • Facilitate a consultation between you and the hospital’s attending physician to discuss the patient’s condition.

If the patient is accepted:

  • The Stormont Vail bed coordinator will make bed arrangements for the patient.
  • The bed coordinator will facilitate the transmission of necessary paperwork and medical documents from your hospital or office to Stormont Vail.
  • Provide follow up with you about your patient.

Refer A Patient

To refer a patient or consult with a physician at Stormont Vail Health or Cotton O’Neil, please contact the specialty area or clinic you wish to consult, or call Health Connections to be connected with the appropriate office.

Phone: Health Connections (785) 354-5225
Fax: (785) 354-6195

Centralized Scheduling

Phone (785) 354-5545

Thank you for your continued support and referrals to Stormont Vail Health.