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Volunteer Opportunities

Once you have decided to give your time as a volunteer, Volunteer Services will work with you to place you in an assignment that meets your interests, your schedule and the hospital’s needs. The availability of some volunteer positions are dependent solely on the needs of the specific department.

Some volunteer assignments may require additional qualifications. Please note that certain departments have minimum age requirements due to the scope of the duties of those volunteer positions.

Current openings include:

Auxiliary Food Connection (ADULT AND YOUTH)
During long stretches at the hospital, a break can save the day. The Food Connection provides a haven to relax and regroup. The Food Connection is a fund-raising project for the Stormont-Vail HealthCare Auxiliary. Proceeds fund the numerous programs and services the Auxiliary supports.

Current openings include: 

  • Cashier (ADULT)
    You will handle sales transactions at the cash register and assist the staff in meeting the customers’ needs. 
  • Host/Hostess (ADULT AND YOUTH)
    A busy job for someone on the move and who enjoys people. You will greet visitors, assist customers in locating an available table, restock condiments and supplies, and deliver food to the visitors who dine in the shop. 

Auxiliary Gift Shop (ADULT AND YOUTH)
A hospital stay not only affects the patient but also family and friends. Visitors are a major support system, and the Gift Shop provides an assortment of lovely gift ideas. By volunteering in the Gift Shop, you’ll help others bring a smile to a loved one’s face and brighten their day. Current openings include: 

    Use your organizational skills by assisting in receiving and pricing merchandise, stocking and straightening displays and helping customers locate items. You’ll also write up sales tickets, sack merchandise and make deliveries to patients.
  • Cashier (ADULT)
    You will greet customers and handle sales transactions at the cash register. The Gift Shop is a fund-raising project for the Stormont-Vail HealthCare Auxiliary. Proceeds fund the numerous programs and services the Auxiliary supports. 

Blood Pressure Screening (ADULT)
If you have a current RN or LPN license, you may assist by taking blood pressures for the public. It's a good way to keep your skills sharp and your professional contacts intact while providing a service you've been trained to do. Locations vary from the health center to community locations. 

Birthplace Registrar Volunteer Assistant (ADULT AND YOUTH)  
Volunteers greet patients, families and visitors, obtain signatures on birth certificates, answer the phone, run errands and help with basic clerical tasks. Volunteer who start at 7am will take part in morning meeting with staff.

Breastfeeding Clinic (ADULT AND YOUTH)
This very busy place offers volunteers an opportunity to help mothers with newborn babies during their visit to the clinic as they receive individual consultation with nursing staff. Weighing babies, answering the telephone and running errands for the staff are just a few of the activities you will participate in. 

Building Blocks (ADULT AND YOUTH)
This position involves interacting with a group of toddlers or preschool age children enrolled in the child care setting at Building Blocks and maintaining positive, continuous and open communication with the children. In addition to the orientation required by the hospital, Building Blocks requires an additional training session. 

Call, Don’t Fall Patient Safety Program (ADULT)     
Volunteers play an important role with our hospital’s fall prevention program by conducting patient rounds, educating patients and their families on the importance of following safety measures in order to prevent falls, and assessing the patient’s risk by checking bed and chair alarms. Volunteers document their visit in the event that follow-up is needed. 

Stormont-Vail Cancer Center (ADULT AND YOUTH)

  • Clerical (ADULT)
    Share clerical skills and compassion as you assist Cancer Center staff with various clerical functions like faxing, copying, filing and data entry and assist patients throughout the facility.
  • Music Therapy (ADULT AND YOUTH)
    Patients and families at the Cotton-O'Neil Cancer Center enjoy the soothing and uplifting piano music provided by volunteers during scheduled hours of the week. Volunteers must be capable of playing appropriate live music.

Clinical Research Center (ADULT AND YOUTH)
You will assist with the various duties of the clinical research center (3520 SW 6th) including, assembling materials, organizing supplies, and other clerical duties.

Are you an organizer or a detail person? Do you enjoy getting a job done? Many of Stormont-Vail’s departments are in need of your helping hand to “complete the paperwork.” Assist in various departments such as the Business Office, Cancer Center, Physician Support, Baker School of Nursing, Trauma Services and Volunteer Services with mailings, completing forms, collating, assembling packets, typing, filing and answering telephones. Some areas also have needs for volunteers who have knowledge of computers for data entry and updating records. If you enjoy the hospital environment but prefer to help without direct patient contact, we need your special clerical skills.  

Customer Resource Center (ADULT)
Some evening and weekend shifts may also be available.
Volunteers in this important public relations position greet patients, families and visitors at our two main entrances, provide room numbers, give directions to services within the health center and answer telephone calls. No day is ever the same — a challenging, interesting and enlightening place to work.

Day Captain (YOUTH)
This is an excellent opportunity for youth who want to develop leadership skills. Basic responsibilities include assisting new youth volunteers on their first day, conducting rounds in the areas where volunteers are working and providing feedback to the Volunteer Services staff regarding concerns, successes, etc. 

Digestive Health Center (ADULT AND YOUTH)
The volunteer at this state-of-the-art facility assists staff in a variety of assignments including getting patient rooms ready, dismissing patients after procedures, and serving beverages and warm cookies to families in the waiting room.  

Supplementing the emergency department staff by cleaning, stocking, tracking inventory supplies, running errands and assisting with patient transport keeps the volunteers in this service very busy. You will also have some contact with patients and their families.

Emergency Registrar Volunteer Assistant (ADULT AND YOUTH)
Volunteers will provide valuable assistance to the registrar staff in the busy Emergency department by escorting patients to treatment rooms, sending admission paperwork to the medical floors, and performing general errands. 

Facilities Management (YOUTH)
Assist department staff in routine maintenance of the grounds on hospital campus. 

Health Connections (ADULT AND YOUTH)
Assist department staff by conducting patient reminder telephone calls for outpatient, physical, occupational and speech therapy appointments.

Infusion Center (ADULT AND YOUTH)
Volunteers will perform a variety of assignments in this busy area. Volunteers will assist with discharging patients, escorting ambulatory patients to the department, answering phones, stocking, and assembling patient charts are some of the duties of this position.

Cotton-O’Neil Heart Center
A variety of volunteer opportunities are available at the Heart Center located at 929 S.W. Mulvane.

  • Greeter (ADULT)
    You will greet the public as they arrive and offer directions to physician offices, testing areas and Cardiac Rehabilitation. You will also assist the staff by answering telephone calls and directing them to the appropriate area. If you enjoy meeting and greeting people, this position may be for you.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation (ADULT)
    If you are a Comeback Squad graduate, we invite you to help cardiac rehabilitation participants achieve a healthy self after heart surgery by exercising with them in a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. Share your experiences, offer hope and alleviate any fears participants may have. You may also perform various clerical tasks to assist the professional staff.

Facilities Management (YOUTH)              
This department maintains the key operating systems within the facility.  Assisting the Facilities staff with the wide range of tasks they complete would make your shift diverse and enjoyable.  Simple tasks from changing a light bulb to light grounds work might be things you will be asked to assist with.

Lobby Ambassador (ADULT AND YOUTH)
Do you like to meet and greet people? “This important and visible position allows you to use your customer service skills to make visitors feel welcome and more at ease as you greet them with a friendly “hello” and an offer of assistance. Ambassadors offer directions, escort patients, families and visitors to their destinations.” 

Responsibilities include stocking patient care items, assembling supplies for a variety of patient care procedures, preparing equipment for patient use and delivering supply and equipment orders to the various departments. This is an essential support service within the health center.    

My Chart Liaison (ADULT AND YOUTH)    
If you are computer knowledgeable and enjoy working with people, we need your help in signing up patients for My Chart, an electronic connection that allows patients to access their personal medical record, test results, request prescription refills and schedule appointments. 

Locations available: 901 Garfield, 2909 SE Walnut Dr. (Croco Rd. Clinic), 1130 N. Kansas Ave (North Clinic), 6725 SW 29th St. (Urish Rd. Clinic), 4100 SW 15th St. (PediatricCare), 2860 SW Mission Woods Dr. (Urish Rd. PediatricCare) 

Nutritional Services/Tech Porter and Stock Assistant(YOUTH)                 Volunteers assist with receiving and stocking, organizing storage shelves, sweeping and mopping floors and delivering items to various areas of the health center. 

Nutritional Services/Tray line (YOUTH)         
Volunteers will help assemble the trays for patients by placing beverages and fruit on them.  You will also help with making the snacks for patients.

Patient Advocate (ADULT)
Our volunteer patient representatives are advocates for our patients. Greeting newly-admitted patients, visiting patients and their families and answering questions they might have during their hospital stay is an important activity of this job.  As you complete your rounds, you will report to our health center patient representative any patient concerns which need follow-up.

Rounds can usually be completed in two hours or less, but the time is flexible depending on your schedule.

Patient Care Services (ADULT AND YOUTH)

  •  5, 6, 7 North Tower & 3 & 4 Pavilion Nursing Units (YOUTH)        
    Assist patient care staff in providing support to patients and their families by becoming a helper on one of our patient care units. Duties vary by unit, but may include providing companionship, delivering mail and caring for flowers, accompanying patients to radiology and on other trips throughout the health center, answering call lights, and assisting nursing staff with basic patient care. If you are friendly, mature, sensitive to the needs of others, and have a sincere desire to be of service, consider this opportunity for person-to-person contact in a patient care setting.
  • Senior Diagnostic Unit (ADULT AND YOUTH)
    You will visit with elderly patients & help with group activities. If you are friendly and mature, sensitive to the needs of others, and have a sincere desire to be of service, consider this opportunity for person-to-person contact in a patient care setting. Staff welcome volunteers who have a particular activity or talent they can engage the patients on this unit with. Pet therapy, art therapy and music therapy are examples of activities that add comfort to their patient hospital stay.
  • Pediatrics(ADULT AND YOUTH)               
    This is a great area for those who enjoy children! Volunteers engage in developmentally appropriate activities to provide diversion and comfort for patients, keep toys clean, answer call lights, run errands and help bathe patients.
  • Pediatrics Story Time (ADULT AND YOUTH)
    If you love to read and love children, this will be perfect for you. Story time Volunteers read to children in a group or individual setting.
  • Neonatal IntensiveCare (NIC) (ADULT)
    Amidst the high tech environment, this special unit needs mature volunteers to assist the professional staff who provides a caring and loving environment to the tiny babies receiving care and their families. Assisting the nurses is not only helpful but extremely rewarding when you realize you have played a part in the day when the baby gets to go home. 
  • Nursing As a Career (ADULT)
    If you are a high school graduate or college student pursuing a career in nursing, there may be opportunity for a volunteer placement on one of our patient care units. 

Patient Room Service (ADULT AND YOUTH)
To the delight of our patients, volunteers deliver welcome balloons as a way of wishing our patients well during their hospital stay. In the midst of tests and medications, you will bring a bit of sunshine to our patients by responding to requests for reading material or providing a short visit.

Perioperative Services (ADULT AND YOUTH)
This busy area uses volunteers for a variety of tasks. Stocking supplies, delivering patient belongings and dismissing patients are all activities volunteers participate in. You’ll enjoy the personable staff and also have some patient and family contact.

Pet Therapy (ADULT) 
Patients who are surrounded by a pet’s unconditional love have been proven to feel better and recover faster. Pet visits are organized in a supervised setting and offer so much to someone who is feeling alone. Pets must be certified to meet the health center’s infection control requirements. 

Pharmacy (YOUTH)
Volunteers provide assistance to staff by helping to put away orders, place doses back in correct places, some clerical support and general duties as assigned by the staff.

Print Shop (YOUTH)
Volunteers will perform errands for staff and deliver completed print jobs to departments. 

Physical Therapy Department Assistant (ADULT AND YOUTH)
At Kansas Orthopedic and Sports Medicine (KOSM, 909 Mulvane) and the SV Rehabilitation Services (Fleming Place, 10th and Gage) volunteers have the opportunity work closely with staff and assist by directing patients to areas of the office, restocking supplies, preparing rooms and performing basic clerical functions.  

Volunteers provide assistance to staff by performing errands and escorting patients to and from radiology procedures.  Volunteers also retrieve folders from the film file, and gather films for the radiologists.   

Registration (ADULT AND YOUTH)
The greeting a new patient receives when entering Stormont-Vail could very well set the tone for the rest of the day. Because entering a health center can be a little frightening no matter what the reason, our health center recognizes the need for a volunteer to help make this experience a pleasant one. You’ll have the opportunity to greet patients as they arrive at the health center and escort them to their appropriate destination. You’ll also be a liaison between patients and staff and help out with various duties. This is a rewarding position that allows you to lend a helping hand.

Special Events (ADULT AND YOUTH)
If you don’t have a lot of time to volunteer, we still have opportunities for you. Many activities include community education events and health screenings, and some are one-time projects. Volunteers play an important part in providing these services to our community.

Stauffer Health Sciences Library (ADULT AND YOUTH)
The library serves physicians, Stormont-Vail employees, students and other health care professionals by providing them with information and materials they need to do their jobs more efficiently. Patients, their families and community members are also welcome and helped in finding answers to their health-related questions and concerns. Volunteers are used to assist with shelving, special projects, photocopying and running errands to other departments within the organization. The staff enjoys working with volunteers and would welcome you as an addition to its team.

Stormont-Vail Single Day Surgery (SVSDS) (ADULT AND YOUTH)
Our outpatient surgery center moves at a fast pace and offers volunteers a variety of duties in the business office and patient recovery area. Assisting with patient information, serving nourishments to patients, escorting patients and families and completing errands are just a few of the activities.  

Surgical Waiting Room (ADULT)
Volunteers serve as the communication link between families of patients having surgery and keep them apprised of news from the nurses in the operating room or from the surgeon. Families regularly express their appreciation of the volunteers who work in the Surgical Waiting Room, telling them that their presence provides a sense of stability and comfort during what can be a very lonely and anxious time.

Transportation (ADULT)
As a new volunteer, you will participate in gradual increases of responsibility. At first, you will complete errands for medical center personnel and eventually will assist in the actual transportation of patients