August 2023 Person of the Moment

Stormont Vail is proud to honor Savannah Diegel, RN, as the August Person of the Moment! Even in emergency situations outside of the hospital, Savannah is steady, calm, and ready to give great care. “Together we treat every patient, visitor, and team member with compassion and dignity.” “Upon approach to the vehicle, Savannah realized there…

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Join our Community Blood Drive Sept. 6, 2023

One hand placing a paper shaped blood drop into another hand.

Blood disorders like hemophilia and sickle cell disease affect over 120,000 Americans, and millions more carry genes that put them at risk of developing or passing along these conditions. These conditions can mean costly hospitalizations and doctor’s appointments, work and school disruptions, and lower quality of life. Donating blood makes it possible for people with…

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July Person of the Moment

ray garcillano receiving the person of the moment award for July 2023

Stormont Vail is proud to have Ray Garcillano, Building Blocks Department Assistant II, named as the July Person of the Moment! In every way possible, Mr. Garcillano enacts the Stormont Vail tenets, especially “Together we treat every patient, visitor, and team member with compassion and dignity.” “On the first week, my 8-year-old son told me…

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June Person of the Moment: Lisa Gearhart, RN, Triage Nurse

The June Person of the Moment has been awarded to Lisa Gearhart, RN, Triage Nurse – a very worthy recipient. She demonstrated the Stormont Vail tenet, “Together we own patient safety and the patient experience. We provide safe, high-quality care with a kind and generous spirit,” without a second thought when a patient was in…

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May Person of the Moment: Katie Hegarty, Social Worker

Help us to recognize the May 2023 Person of the Moment, Katie Hegarty! Katie is a night shift Social Worker in the Stormont Vail Health Emergency Department who went the extra mile to provide expert care. “Katie was made aware of a caller through Health Connections who was reaching out for support due to an…

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Congratulations, Shelley Carley, MBA, RD, LD

a photo of shelley carley

Shelley was named one of the 2023 Abbott Nutrition Malnutrition Awardees by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation! We are proud to have a Clinical Nutrition Manager whose dedication and commitment has led to this accomplishment. Great job, Shelley!

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EMS Week

a graphic of an ambulance signifying national emergency services week may 21 to 27

May 21-27 is National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week and we are happy to have the chance to celebrate those who work on the medical front line and serve our communities with their whole hearts. Do you know someone who works in EMS? Be sure to tag them and wish them a Happy EMS Week!

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National Stroke Awareness Month

may is national stroke awareness month

Be F.A.S.T. noticing signs and symptoms! Face droop, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty, Time to call 911 For more educational tools, visit F.A.S.T. Materials | American Stroke Association Hear from some Stormont Vail Health stroke survivor about their journies HERE.

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