Together, we honor our heritage, embrace diversity, and work every day to improve the health of our community.

Diversity & Inclusion

As one of the largest employers in Topeka, many of our team members come from diverse backgrounds. At Stormont Vail Health, we celebrate those unique backgrounds and the cultures, perspectives, and identities that make us who we are.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Stormont Vail

What is Diversity?

Humans are anything but one-dimensional. We differ in race, ethnicity, gender, ability, language, manners and culture, social status and roles, sexual orientation, education, skills, and so much more. These differences make us diverse. By embracing these differences, we can learn, grow, and usher in a brighter future.

What is Equity?

Workplace equity is the concept of providing fair opportunities for all employees based on their individual needs. Equity differs from equality in that it doesn’t provide the same resources and opportunities to everyone. With equity, an organization recognizes that every team member has different access to resources and privileges. We realize that team members with less access may require more support in order to take fair advantage of opportunities within our organization.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion in the workplace is about creating a sense of belonging, understanding and respect for our team members. Making sure everyone has a voice is vital in creating a more inclusive work environment. We honor and embrace the diversity each team member brings to our organization.

I.D.E.A. Committee

At Stormont Vail, we hold ourselves accountable for our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Our I.D.E.A. (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) Committee is a forward-thinking and collaborative committee comprised of team members from across our organization. Each member brings passion, connection, knowledge, communication ability, creativity and empowerment.

The role of the I.D.E.A. Committee is to serve as an advisory committee to the Stormont Vail Operating Committee in collaborating and generating ideas to create and organizational culture and climate in which:

  • Every voice is valued
  • Team members and patients have a sense of belonging and connection with one another and to the organization
  • Team members feel empowered to do their best work
  • Patient experience is top priority

The I.D.E.A. Committee is charged with researching, developing, and proposing actions that will create a supportive, positive and inclusive work and patient care environment.

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