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Cancer Care

We are currently remodeling our treatment room at the Cancer Center. You will still park and register in the same location, but treatments will be held in another area of the building starting May 19th through the end of August this year. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to create a better patient experience for everyone.

At Stormont Vail Health’s Cotton O’Neil Cancer Center, we understand that treating cancer goes further than radiation, chemotherapy and imaging. That’s why we provide comprehensive cancer care, including counseling, spiritual guidance, financial assistance, or someone to tell you the best things to eat. We are prepared to walk this journey with you, matching you step-for-step along your road to recovery.

Services & Procedures


Infusion Therapy & Radiation Therapy

On-Site Lab & Radiation Services

Linear Accelerator

Conditions We Treat

At the Cotton O’Neil Cancer Center, we treat all types of cancer including but not limited to:

Our Cancer Care Locations

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