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We value the opportunity to celebrate every small moment that happens when you walk through our doors. A career at Stormont Vail Health means joining a team of people who consider every day a chance to improve someone’s life, whether it’s a patient or a colleague.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, Stormont Vail started using the phrase, “WeTogether” to represent all the days we spent working together to fight a virus that was pulling people apart. The phrase has grown into a simple description of who Stormont Vail is, even outside of 2020. Success comes when people act together, setting aside their differences and working in collaboration toward a higher goal. Come be a part of our team, who celebrates working together.


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Are You Ready to Have a Career Where You Feel Connected, Needed, and Appreciated?

Meet Liz Barnes, RN and Nurse Manager at Stormont Vail Health. She believes the best way to manage is by creating an unbreakable personal connection.

“I feel connected with them on a personal level. They’re my people, they’re my go-to.”

At Stormont Vail, we are lucky to have team members in leadership roles that care so deeply about the relationships they form with others. If you know someone ready to start a career where they feel connected, needed, and appreciated – encourage them to apply today!

Searching for a Career Where Leadership Cares About Your Mental Health and Well-Being?

The Organizational Development Team at Stormont Vail Health has given team members a new way of building community, resolving conflict, and connecting on a deeper level.

“The core values were developed by a group of trained Circle facilitators. They include value yourself and others, communicate openly, allow for fun, embrace learning, and act with dignity and authenticity.” -Kate Burns, Learning and Talent Development

Stormont Vail leadership respects all team members and consistently works towards developing unique ways for this organization to grow in comradery, authenticity, and overall wellbeing.

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We offer a collaborative environment focused on performance excellence and support for each other. We provide the best of the best expertise as the only Level II Trauma Center in the area, membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network, affiliates with Children’s Mercy and more. Stormont Vail is also driven to provide team members with opportunities that lead to professional and personal success.


Taking care of our caregivers is a top priority. See our comprehensive benefits available that show our dedication to team members.

Continued Education

We strive to be at top of mind when patients need care, and that means having the most up-to-date knowledge and treatment. Learn more about our tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs.

Life at Stormont

Stormont is committed to innovation, community health, family-oriented service and state of the art care. Here’s how we use our footprint in the community.


Accreditations, Designations & Certifications

Our organization is an outstanding place to begin or advance your health care career, demonstrated by our many distinctions.