Neuro & Spine Health

Neck or back pain can be overwhelming and seriously impair your everyday life. Chronic neck or back pain also can be a sign of serious spine or nervous system issues. At Cotton O’Neil, we don’t just treat the condition — we treat the entire person.

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The specialists at the Neuro & Spine Center treat the entire nervous system — from the brain, down through the spine, and extending to the nerves found in all areas of your body.

Our staff relies on their extensive clinical knowledge and experience to determine whether you need a surgical option or more conservative treatments, such as physical therapy to strengthen your back.

We deliver a custom approach so patients get personalized care plans for their pain. Our orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons often consult each other on spine cases and work together in the operating room.

Conditions We Treat

Ulnar Neuropathy

Intraspinal Tumors

Cranial and Spinal Surgeries

Treatments & Procedures

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