Nursing is the pulse of patient care — especially at Stormont Vail Health. Our nurses are committed to providing exceptional care, consistently going above and beyond to treat, comfort, and help their patients. Our nurses understand that “Nurse” is not just a job or title, but a calling.


Magnet® Recognition

Stormont Vail has been a Magnet® recognized hospital since 2009. As part of the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program®, Stormont Vail must pass a rigorous and lengthy process that demands widespread participation from leadership and staff.

Being Magnet recognized is the highest honor a health care organization can receive for professional nursing practice. This credential has been shown to provide specific benefits to hospitals and their communities, such as:

Increased patient safety and improved quality

Increased patient satisfaction

Higher job satisfaction among nurses

Increased RN retention and lower nurse burnout

Join Our Team

Nurses are the backbone of our organization. That’s why we are committed to providing an exceptional environment to support nursing professionals at all stages of their careers.

In addition to jobs for registered nurses, our commitment extends to others who provide direct patient care on the nursing spectrum:

Patient Care Technicians



Find your place among the best by applying today:

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Investing in Our Nurses

Training & Professional Development

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned nursing veteran, Stormont Vail provides staff development based on the principles of Adult Learning Theory, as well as Patricia Benner’s Model of Novice to Expert. The model uses adult learning principles to build experience, competency, practice, and structure.

Professional development opportunities are available for Stormont Vail nurses in multiple ways:

Continuing Education symposia, workshops, Grand Rounds and other opportunities

Education reimbursement

Nursing Research Opportunities

Grants to attend professional and educational conferences and seminars

Support to pursue professional certification

Professional contribution ladders for all levels of nurses

State of the art Simulation Labs with high fidelity simulator mannequins

Nursing Residency Program

The Nursing Residency Program at Stormont Vail provides residents with the opportunity to transition into their career with the support and encouragement of leaders and team members.


Shared Governance

Shared Governance is the foundation of all Magnet organizations which promotes a culture of nurse empowerment.

It’s why nurses at Stormont Health are the voice of influence. Through our structure of Shared Governance, nurses set goals and priorities that drive decisions for nursing practice.

Shared Governance promotes the development of nurses to become leaders in an environment that fosters autonomy, and evidenced-based decision making.

Our Shared Governance Councils include:

Research Council

Practice Council

Professional Develop Council

Communications Council

Advance Practice Provider Council

Management Council

Coordination Council

Nursing Excellence Awards

The nurses at Stormont Vail Health are the backbone of our organization and we couldn't appreciate them more.

One way we recognize our nurses each year is by asking team members to nominate their peers that have made significant contributions to the nursing profession in patient care, the community, and at Stormont Vail.

Hundreds of nurses are nominated each year. While all of our nurses deserve recognition, these winners are pillars in representing, promoting, and demonstrating the five tenants of Stormont Vail.

2022 Nursing Excellence Award Winners

02-12-21 Daisy Award -20

Daisy Awards

The DAISY Award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program to recognize “super-human” efforts nurses perform. Stormont Vail Health is among more than 1,000 health care organizations committed to the DAISY Award program.

However if you hear a patient or family member of a patient express their appreciation for the quality of care provided by their nurse, please encourage them  to fill out our online nomination form.

Nursing Annual Report

Stormont Vail Health strives to provide the highest possible care to our patients and community, as shown in our Annual Report to the Community.


Professional Practice Model

At Stormont Vail, the Professional Practice Model  is a tool to ensure that all nurses have the same core understanding of what it means to practice in our organization and culture. The mission, vision, and values of the organization and nursing form the foundation of our PPM.  With patient-focused care at the core, our framework is rooted within a patient-centered care-delivery model and Watson's Theory of Caring. The development of therapeutic relationships with our patients and team members along with expressions of caring are core performance and behavior expectations for our organization. Providing compassion and delivering evidenced based care, working collaboratively and respectfully with our team members and our valued patients and families, ensures the highest quality of care. Emerging nursing areas tied to practice include promoting wellness for nurses themselves, patients, and the community; care transformation through the ways and models that care is provided; and improved patient experience by embracing and enhancing the voice and feedback from patients and team members on expectations and experience.

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